State Rep. Dave Robertson Answers Question About Travel & COVID-19

Below is a press release from State Representative Dave Robertson’s Office:

TEWKSBURY, MA — Over the past few weeks Massachusetts suffered a little scare, but following a slight uptick in COVID cases and reinfection rate, things once again are on the mend with positive numbers and trends. With this many questions have started to come into the office that may be of importance to you, including a trend of individuals who have been asked to travel as industry and commerce reopen. It is my hope that this information may be of help to you, your family, and your business.

If you have to travel out of state, or are having an employee travel out of state, they are subject to the self-quarantine unless they receive a negative result from either an Antibody/PCR test or Molecular Test. Both tests are slightly uncomfortable, but if you are fearful of needles and are looking for accessibility, it is highly recommended to seek out the Antibody/PCR test.  You may also be exempt if you tested negative using either of the tests above up to 72 hours before returning to Massachusetts, and have not been exposed to groups or possibly infected individuals. If you have returned both urgent care facilities in Tewksbury have call-ahead scheduling for appointments, and are accessible from both towns in our community.

Several other small exemptions apply. If you are returning from work in New York, Vermont, Connecticut, New Hampshire, New Jersey, or Maine you are also exempt as these states have limited cases as well.

Other questions include neighboring states enforcement of travel, particularly for those who are caring for loved ones. Rhode Island, who is suffering from an increase, has been reportedly stopping out of state vehicles along the border to ensure that compliance is met and visitors understand their state mandates. We also spoke with transportation officials in Maine, who confirmed that EZ-Pass is not being used to fine violators. If you have indeed received one of these fines please call, as it is very likely an outstanding toll issue or like matter which can indeed impact your interactions with the MassRMV, as states work with each other enforcing unpaid fines or matters elsewhere.

The federal government also cleared an extra $900 dollars per unemployment case as part of the Lost Wages Supplemental Payment Assistance program. For those who qualify with the weeks ending August 1st, 8th, and 15th. This covers both traditional unemployment and the Pandemic Unemployment programs, and qualified individuals will receive these payments automatically.

As always, the information above may not cover your nuances entirely, so please do not hesitate to reach out with more information as you need.

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