LETTER: 5 Reasons To Re-Elect Seth Moulton To Congress

Dear Editor,

We strongly urge readers to vote for our current Congressman, Seth Moulton, on election day Sept 1, 2020. We ask you to vote for Seth for the following reasons:

  1. He is a good listener – Over the years he has been in office he has always listened to the people of his district about the issues and worked to advance solutions for their and our country’s needs. In addition he has held numerous Town Hall meetings in the communities in the state.
  2. He has helped bring about needed change in our country’s leadership – Over the past several years he has worked across the country to help elect candidates who share our vision for the United States
  3. He has successfully worked to help craft national legislation on the COVID-19 crisis and at the same time his office has created a robust guide to help ensure citizens have accurate information about the disease and the resources available to help them.
  4. His service in the Marines and tours of duty in Iraq as are a reflection on his commitment to our national security
  5. His education at Harvard’s business school and experience in the private sector have provided him with the necessary experience to help formulate an environment that will enable our economy to grow.

For these and other reasons we urge you to vote for Seth on Sept 1st.


Sue McDonough – Lynnfield, Sally Hamblen – Lynnfield, Mark McDonough – Lynnfield, Wallace McKenzie – Lynnfield

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