LETTER: Pride Cometh Before Destruction

Dear Editor,

No matter who in my life became President I wanted them to succeed even if I didn’t like them. Why? Because our Country would benefit from it. You had about 10 things that other Presidents would never address and I was glad that they were finally going to be addressed. I agreed less with Dubya. But there came a time to see the real person that you are and what you have brought the Presidency down to. The American people are smarter than the grasping at straws, which you are doing by holding up a bible in front of a church. Calling your opponent a man that is going to hurt God. Invoking God proves you will stop at nothing to be re-elected. A Race War, another civil War, a religious war, a law and order war, What WAR is next? oh ya even your handlers don’t want to inform you of movements of some countries for the knowledge that YOU will start a Military war. Let me invoke God since you started it. Your ego will be your downfall very soon, one king in the Bible’s ego was so bad that he got on all fours and ate grass for a time. That may be a step up from what may become of you. I for one will sit back and say – now there is an example of “Pride cometh before destruction.”

George Ferdinand

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