Wilmington Substance Abuse Coalition To Participate In Mass. Opioid Screening & Awareness Day’s Virtual Town Hall On Sept. 22

Below is a press release from the Wilmington Substance Abuse Coalition:

WILMINGTON, MA — The Wilmington Substance Abuse Coalition will be one of multiple host sites throughout the state promoting Massachusetts Opioid Screening and Awareness Day.

On September 22, 2020, there will be a virtual town hall, where participants will learn from experts about opioid misuse and treatments, and will be able to take a free, anonymous, online screening for themselves or a loved one. For those who screen positive or still have concerns about opioid use, there will be referrals to local treatment resources, including those linked by Wilmington Substance Abuse Coalition and the Massachusetts Substance Use Helpline (800-327-5050). The screening and resources will be available prior to, during, and after the event at opioidscreening.org.

An estimated 275,000 people in Massachusetts currently struggle with opioid use disorder, but only about 10% of those people are receiving treatment for it. Tragically, about 5 people die each day in Massachusetts from opioid-related overdose. But the good news is that opioid use disorder is treatable and help is available. 

Massachusetts Opioid Screening and Awareness Day will serve as a supportive community initiative to provide the public with opioid screening, teach about signs and symptoms of opioid misuse, and connect those at risk with local resources where they can get potentially lifesaving support and treatment.

The free online screenings are educational in nature and diagnostic. They will help someone determine if they or someone they care about are exhibiting symptoms associated with an opioid disorder and help determine the best next steps. Massachusetts Opioid Screening and Awareness Day, a collaboration between Fighting Opioid Misuse and the Brigham B-Core Program, will also work to decrease the stigma surrounding opioid use disorder and help individuals recognize that they are resources available in their community to treat this debilitating illness.

About Wilmington Substance Abuse Coalition

The mission of the Wilmington Substance Abuse Coalition is to address the rising concerns of substance use in our community by providing prevention, education and support, as an effort to promote healthy and responsible behavior and provide skills for better decision making as it related to substance use. The focus of the WSAC is to work with the community and other partners to deliver strategies and activities related to use.

About Fighting Opioid Misuse and the Brigham B-Core Program

Fighting Opioid Misuse aims to address the opioid epidemic by educating the public about opioid misuse and suicide risk, providing free online screenings, and connecting those with concerns about opioid use with evaluation and treatment resources.

Brigham and Women’s Hospital Comprehensive Opioid Response and Education (B-CORE) Program is a hospital-wide initiative that encourages safe use of opioid pain medications and improve treatment for patients suffering from opioid use disorder.

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