Selectmen Approve License For Habit Burger Grill, Set To Open In September In New Plaza At Corner Of Ballardvale & 125

WILMINGTON, MA — Earlier this week, the Wilmington Board of Selectmen unanimously approved the request for a common victualer license from Adam Quinn of Heidi Burger, LLC, allowing him to open and operate Habit Burger Grill, located in the new retail plaza being built at the corner of Ballardvale Street and Route 125.

“Habit Burger Grill is a California burger chain with about 300 stores. They were recently bought by Yum Brands, which is the largest restaurateur in the world,” Quinn told Selectmen. “But I’m just the little guy trying to open my first store in an area I’m comfortable in. My wife is pregnant with our second boy. The only way I could  talk her into allowing me to take on a new challenge is naming the burger shop after her — that’s why it’s called Heidi Burger LLC.”

Quinn, a 2nd generation Dunkin’ franchise owner in town, says he has driven through the Ballardvale Street area for a long time and thinks there’s a real need for some additional food options in the area.

“Wilmington is an awesome town that doesn’t have enough great food,” Quinn told Wilmington Apple. “The Habit Burger Grill was rated the Best Burger in America. Everything we make is fresh and cooked to order: fresh burgers, fresh chicken, fresh salads…. Wilmington needs more quality food choices and The Habit is exactly that. Once you try it, the Town of Wilmington will understand!”

Quinn anticipates the restaurant opening in mid-to-late September.

“I’d be lying if I wasn’t concerned about my small business during COVID-19,” admitted Quinn. “Thankfully we have an excellent health and safety plan to keep both the guests and employees safe. I’m also thankful to have added a drive thru to help limit contact and promote social distancing.”

Following the recommendations of Health Director Shelley Newhouse and Building Inspector Al Spaulding, Selectmen enthusiastically approved the request and wished Quinn well.

“We appreciate you continuing to open businesses in Wilmington,” said Selectmen Chair Jonathan Eaton. “I’m looking forward to trying out the Habit Burger Grill. Best of luck.”

“I love the idea of another restaurant in town in that area. It’s great to have,” agreed Selectwoman Jomarie O’Mahony. “We look forward to trying it out in September.”

“Thank you for choosing to do your business in Wilmington. We wish you the best of luck,” added Selectman Greg Bendel.

At the request of Quinn, Selectmen limited the restaurant’s hours so that it could not open past 10pm.

“We don’t want to cause undue strain on town services. And Target closes by 10pm,” said Quinn, who wants his employees to feel comfortable and safe.

Quinn anticipates the restaurant creating 25 jobs.

“We’re already recruiting real chefs that can operate a full-service kitchen right now,” he noted.

Quinn does not know which businesses will be joining him in the new plaza. The development will likely consist of another 5 small retail units, including the possibility of a smaller sit-down restaurant.

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