SCHOOL COMMITTEE Gives Superintendent Brand A Positive Performance Review

WILMINGTON, MA — At its most recent meeting, the Wilmington School Committee conducted its public performance evaluation of Superintendent Dr. Glenn Brand and gave him an overall score of “proficient.”

Brand also received “proficient” in each of his four assessment standards — instructional leadership; management & operations; family & community engagement; and professional culture.

“Proficient” is defined as “fully satisfactory;” the rigorous expected level of performance;” and “a demanding, but attainable level of performance.” Other ratings available to the School Committee were “unsatisfactory,” “needs improvement,” and “exemplary.”

“Dr. Brand continues to prove himself a dedicated instructional and fiscal leader,” reads the review. “His collaborative, thoughtful and engaging approach to his work is consistently evident. He regularly demonstrates strong interpersonal, written and verbal communication in his memos, emails, presentations at School Committee meetings and other community events.”

“Dr. Brand has been present at school events across the district and his commitment to high expectations for the district is apparent in all of his communication,” continues the review. “His collaborative approach makes good use of the talents of the team members he has assembled around him — from the central office staff to the principals and CTLs in his extended leadership team. In addition, he has shown remarkable leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic and school closure.”

The Committee praised Brand for his ongoing implementation of the district’s 5-year strategic plan, submitting six statements of interest to the Massachusetts School Building Authority for potential future building projects, forming the school start time committee, reorganizing the Student Support Services office, reflecting on and responding to the findings of the Walker Report, and hiring a new Athletic Director, Assistant Superintendent, and West Intermediate Principal.

Prior to the start of the school year, the Superintendent gave himself five goals to accomplish. The School Committee felt that he met two, made significant progress on two, and made some progress on the other:

  • Student Learning Goal: Oversee and lead the development of the action for Inclusion, Diversity & Equity Committee to review recent data and further explore district practices around inclusion and equity — Significant Progress Made.
  • Professional Practice Goal: Attend staff meeting in each school facility over the course of a year and attend one department meeting from each department — Significant Progress Made.
  • District Improvement Goal #1: Work collaboratively with the School Committee and town entities to address school building conditions across the district and develop a short, mid and long term plan for attending to the physical conditions of the schools — Met.
  • District Improvement Goal #2: Launch a Superintendent’s Advisory Council to facilitate two-way communication between Superintendent’s office and the staff throughout the district — Met.
  • District Improvement Goal #3: Develop a template and format that will allow the compilation of district information that can be disseminated to the school community annually and become an annual report — Some Progress Made.

“The COVID-19 pandemic and the implementation of remote learning has created an unprecedented set of circumstances in education,” the review noted. “In order to appropriate and adequately evaluate Dr. Brand, we have examined his performance through that lens. An overall summative rating of ‘Proficient’ accurately describes Dr. Brand’s performance when considering his professional practice goals, student learning goals, district improvement goals, and the indicators he identified based on the standards.”

“I wanted to thank the committee members for taking the time over what’s been a very challenging last few months to complete the evaluation,” responded Superintendent Brand. “Your feedback is important to me. It’s incredibly insightful to best understand how as Superintendent I can serve this community in the best way possible.”

Each School Committee member’s individual narratives weren’t included in the final evaluation document, but were received by Dr. Brand and are public record.

School Committee Conducts Annual Reorganization 

Earlier in the meeting, Jennifer Bryson was unanimously re-elected as Chair. Dave Ragsdale was unanimously elected as Vice Chair on a motion made by outgoing Vice Chair Steve Bjork. MJ Byrnes was unanimously re-elected as Secretary.

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