Wilmington Board Of Health Offers Advice To Residents On Mosquitoes & Ticks

Below is advice from the Wilmington Board of Health published in the most recently Town Topics newsletter:

WILMINGTON, MA — Mosquito and tick season is upon us, the Board of Health would like to remind residents to take precautions to reduce their risk of exposure to mosquitoes and ticks.

MOSQUITOES – Try to avoid outdoor activity during times of day with increased mosquito activity, which is dawn and dusk. Use mosquito repellents containing an EPA-approved active ingredient such as DEET.

Residents should wear long sleeved clothing to reduce mosquito access to skin and remove any standing water in your yard, including children’s toys, birdbaths, pots and planters.

Wilmington is part of the Central Massachusetts Mosquito Control Project and routine spraying and larvicide treatment is conducted throughout the summer.

TICKS – Ticks are prevalent in Wilmington. Ticks like damp, shady, brushy, leafy areas. If you have been in an area where ticks might be present, it is important to check yourself, your family and your pets for ticks every day. Use repellents that contain DEET on your exposed skin and those that contain permethrin on your clothes. When spending time outside, if weather permits, wear long-sleeved, light colored shirts and long pants tucked into your socks.

Keep the grass cut short and remove piles of leaves and brush. Talk to your veterinarian about the best ways to protect your pets and livestock from ticks.

If you find a tick on yourself, remove it carefully as soon as possible. If you develop a rash or other signs of illness following a tick bite, be sure to contact your health care provider immediately. If you are looking into preventative tick control, check out tick tubes, which may be found online. They work great ridding areas of deer ticks only. Remember deer ticks are the ones that transmit Lyme Disease. If you have been bitten by a tick, log on to the Board of Health website for links to get the ticks tested.

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