VIDEO: State Rep. Ken Gordon Discusses Race, Discrimination & Civil Rights

BURLINGTON, MA — State Rep. Ken Gordon (D-Bedford), who represents Precinct 3 in Wilmington as well as all of Burlington and Bedford, recently hosted a new episode of his local access TV show, “Rappin’ with the Rep.” Gordon has a cross-generation chat with former State Rep. Augie Grace and Burlington High School graduate Dorothy Mulo, a Political Science student at UMass Dartmouth.

Watch the episode, courtesy of BCAT (Burlington Cable Access Television), below:

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One thought

  1. Good job, Mr. Gordon! Dorothy and Augie were terrific guests. This was a fine first attempt to address race and discrimination in suburban towns like Burlington and Wilmington (where I reside). I believe Dorothy will go on and do great things with her life.
    As a white woman who grew up in Chelsea and Revere, lived in Waltham for 20 years before moving to the nice quiet suburb of Wilmington in 2003, I did not consider the diversity difference in selecting a new home. I had always lived and worked in racially diverse atmospheres that I considered “normal.” I am wondering if Dorothy felt overwhelmed by the lack of diversity when she moved from Waltham to Burlington. Waltham’s population is much more diverse than Burlington, Wilmington and other surrounding towns.
    However, it soon became apparent to me when I attended my daughter’s first school concert. In the middle of this concert I was struck with the realization, “OMG! Where are the people of color?” I only seen a total of two or three children of color out of the 200+ children performing. Did we make a mistake by moving somewhere our children would have very limited interaction with children of different races, cultures, ethnicities, religions, etc.? Wilmington’s population was not what I considered an average town in the 21st Century. I encouraged my three children to interact with kids of all types, both in and outside of school. I’m proud to say that my three children are now young adults who understand the importance of diversity in school, the workplace, in our neighborhoods and in our country overall.
    Thank you Representative Gordon for addressing one of the most important issues of our time. Keep up the good work.
    Take care,
    Robin Domek

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