COVID-19 UPDATE: Wilmington Has Just 12 Active Positive Cases; Selectmen Receive Update From Newhouse & Cavanaugh

WILMINGTON, MA — As of Monday morning, Wilmington is down to just 12 active positive COVID-19 cases, with 4 additional residents in quarantine, according to Town Health Director Shelly Newhouse.

“I am liking our trends. They are moving down,” she wrote on the Town Health Department’s Facebook page. “Please continue to practice social distancing”

Newhouse and Fire Chief Bill Cavanaugh provided the Board of Selectmen with a brief update at their recent meeting.

“We’ve been hovering around 20 positive cases for past couple of weeks,” Newhouse told the Selectmen. 

Newhouse does, however, except the numbers to increase again, likely in a couple of months.

“I do see another little wave happening — a spike probably coming closer to the fall,” cautioned Newhouse. “Because as we open up, people are starting to venture out more and will come in contact with positive cases. We’ll see a jump in case numbers. We might plateau for a long time, but I think we’ll see them jump up again…. I hope the numbers don’t get up, but I think they will.”

Newhouse noted that while her immediate focus remains on the patients, she has also been assisting local business owners as the state begins to reopen and some sense of normalcy slowly returns.

“It’s been really busy. It’s been crazy trying to help businesses figuring out if they can open, how they can open, and how they can operate,” said Newhouse. “I’ve received lots of questions.  Lots of complaints. It’s been very, very busy. Non-stop.”

Fire Chief Cavanaugh reported that the town still does not have any positive or quarantined firefighters, police officers or dispatchers. He also noted that some of his new firefighters are being sent to a fire academy, which is reopening with some modifications.

Cavanaugh noted that the Police Department is back to normal operating procedures, which resulted in public safety personnel having to cease participation in birthday parades. He also noted that Dispatch is seeing an uptick in calls as more people are leaving their homes again.

Cavanaugh asked residents to use caution and slow down while driving past the Public Safety Building. Fire engines were almost struck in two separate incidents recently while trying to back into the station.

Cavanaugh also noted that the Police Department has seen an uptick in relapses and calls related to mental health. Samantha Reif is providing Deterra Pouches to residents upon request. The pouches are a drug-deactivation system which allows individuals to safety dispose of unwanted/unused/expired medications in the convenience and safety of their own home. To get pouches dropped off, contact Reif at 978-447-2296 or Supplies will be delivered Monday-Friday, free of charge, and left in mailboxes.

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