WILDCAT BAND ALUMNI! Learn How You Can Take Part In A Retirement Surprise For Ms. Mette

Below is a message from Julie Kelley:

WILMINGTON, MA — CALLING ALL WILDCAT BAND MEMBERS PAST AND PRESENT!!!! Our last big retirement surprise is here!! We’d like to make a very special video… Ms. Mette wrote the Wildcat Warm up many years ago… And we’re going to make a video with as many past and present band members as possible!! You too, guard… AND, if you no longer have an instrument? Join in Brady Bunch style!!! PLEASE take a peek at the information below and Let’s do this!!!! The music is online, and all details are here (even if you didn’t play the warmup when you were in school, please join in):

Wildcat Warm-up Project

We would love to put together a video of as many current and alumni band/guard members playing/performing the warm-up as we can for a retirement gift to Ms. Mette! Ms. Mette wrote the Wildcat Warm-up just about a gazillion years ago, and countless students have played it… How nice would it be to make a recording of it as a send off for her hard work. My goal is to make the compilation video with as many current and alumni faces as possible!!

It doesn’t matter if you have to dust off your instrument and haven’t played in years (I’m sure that’s not just me, right??)  :), the more participation we have the better!!! Color Guard?? We want you too!! Grab a pole of any kind and do drop spins, or whatever you’d like to the click track (you could do something different for each repeat, or the same, doesn’t matter). If you are local and want to come use a flag in my yard for the recording, let me know when you’re coming and I’ll put one out for you (I live in Tewksbury)!!

Don’t have an instrument anymore, but still want to submit a video?? That’s OK too!! Just please follow the instructions for instrumentals, be on camera Brady Bunch Style,, count (in your head) and do the “thank you” part at the end… wave throughout, whatever works!! Keeping the videos with the click track will make it easier for me to put them all together.

Ms Mette has the parts for the Warm-up posted on this page, we will be doing it 4 times through.: http://www.wildcatbands.com/wildcat-warm-upprint your part, or just pull it up on a screen.

Percussion music is not printed, ‘cause you all know it 🙂  but please record and post it anyway using the guidelines below!

Here’s the guidelines for the video:

  • In order to put the videos together, we’ll need to use a common click-track. Please use the click-track HEREin headphones so that you can hear it, but it can’t be heard on your video. The track includes 4 counts at the beginning to give you the tempo, and an extra 2 at the end (to hold the last note for 6). When the clicks stop, say your thank you 🙂
  • As important as the click-track is, it’s also important to tune before you record! There’s lots of free online tuners, here’s one: https://theonlinemetronome.com/free-online-tuner-for-musicians.html
  • Please hold your camera (phone) landscape so that all videos are recorded in the same horizontal direction.
  • Face the camera at about a 40 degree angle, so we can see your face and not all bell… and try to be sure that your whole head and instrument are visible, get as close as you can, the images will be very small on screen.
  • The track has a 4 beat count-off, then, please play the warmup 4 times through, hold the very last note for 6 counts total, put your instrument down and say “Thank you Ms Mette” and then your own name into the camera. The “thank you’s” will not be in time, that’s intentional, it will be almost like applause at the end with everyone saying it at slightly different times. Please don’t agonize over making it “perfect” it’s much more important that we have lots of participation! Remember that the images will be small on the screen, but please smile!!
  • Once your video is ready, remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect!! Just record from your phone, please name it with Firstname.Lastnameand upload it here: https://www.dropbox.com/request/Qjz8w1NEB0kiQuldO6CCFor the “instrument” part of the filename, please use the part you played, guard, please just use guard, and percussion, your instrument (snare, bass drum etc)… for example my video might be named: Alto1.Julie.Kelley or Guard.Julie.Kelley so that I can easily sort by instrument part when adding to the video, and will make balancing the audio track easier. If you no longer have an instrument, but made a video anyway, please still use the instrument as the first part of the filename… I plan to “add by instrument” on the repeats, and that way, you’ll be in the correct group.
  • Please add your video to the dropbox no later than June 1 (I know that’s not a lot of time… but I’d like to have it ready for when she has the slideshow ready), and I’m just figuring this out as I go… So, the sooner the better!

Thank you all so much!! This is going to be amazing!! Please don’t worry about your video… Just do it!! And upload it 🙂 Any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact me!! I’m ridiculously excited about this project!

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