LETTER: Tune Into Tonight’s Board of Appeals Meeting At 7pm For Detox Vote; If Approved, The Residents Lose

Dear Editor,

For my third and (hopefully) final letter regarding the 362 Middlesex Ave project I want to start by first saying, Congratulations to the developer of the project as well as his “friends” in the Town Administration. You folks certainly showed the residents who’s got the power and who does not.

The losers? Well, most of us fall into this category. Do you pay property taxes in town? If yes, you’re one of them. According to the Town Manager, if property taxes in the area of 362 Middlesex go down, they will go up other places to make up for that decrease.

We are all asked, better yet demanded to follow the towns bylaws in every aspect of our existence. The developer? Well, he has a bit of money and friends in the Town Hall so our bylaws really don’t pertain to him. Wilmington clearly is more of a caste system. Our goals as residents should be to move into that privileged class. At that level there are no rules. Special Accommodation must be latin for the word “friend”.

The ironic part to this story is that the developer lists his home address as Juno Beach Florida. Perhaps that’s why he is not bound by our bylaws?

The progression of this project is nothing more than a victory lap among the hundreds of residents that have opposed this project and the almost 500 that showed up to readdress the zoning. This victory lap tells all residents to just forget about standing up against what the Town Hall wants because they have 50 ways to get what they want and a will to ignore the people and the rules if it is not what “they” want.

This process also shows that if you’re a member of that ruling class, you can go on record denigrating residents then making decisions that effect the very people you have stigmatized. Will any of the Selectmen have the intestinal fortitude to step in an ask the chairman to recuse himself after his comments made about “Junkies and Alcoholics” at the January 13, 2016 ZBA meeting? When the proverbial phone does not ring, we know it was them!

Either way, make sure you tune into the meeting tonight (WCTV — Comcast 9, Verizon — 37, or www.wctv.org) so see our very own ring master at work while they stick it to every resident of town. Taxes up, up and away! Covid 19? Shut up and pay!

In the end, I would like to commend Selectman Mike McCoy because love him or hate him, he was a man for the people. Mike stood up for every resident that this project effects and Mike stood up for every resident in town that cares what our community looks like and for every residents’ quality of life.

The other 4, could have stopped this. Not one had the decency to stand up to the King.

North Wilmington now pays the price.


Rob Fasulo

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