St. Thomas & St. Dorothy’s Properties Suffer Damage From Monday’s Storm

Below is a message from Father Early, Pastor of the Parish of the Transfiguration:

I believe it goes without saying that this past Easter was unlike anything any of us ever experienced. I would be very happy if we do not repeat this experience. I hope you are handling the physical distancing well.

We had the wind and rain storm this past Monday. The wind caused damage to both parish properties. A tree came down at St. Dorothy’s. It was along the side of the property that borders the town property. The tree fell into the parking lot near the handicapped parking spaces. Unfortunately, Fr. Agustin had parked his car in that area as he went into the church to tape a daily Mass.

The tree hit his car and totaled it. He is now busy dealing with the insurance company and looking for a new car. He has a rental car in the meantime. As a result of the tree coming down, the St. Dorothy’s Church lost power. I am hoping by Wednesday, power will be restored. In the meantime, the church is closed for safety sake.

At St. Thomas of Villanova, the wind caught the big pine tree next to the driveway and by the road. It split the base of the tree. I had to get the tree removed. We got several bids. The cheapest bid was $5,000.00. They had to bring in cranes to lift the tree above and around all the utility wires leading to the church and rectory. The damaged tree was presenting a dangerous hazard.

I want to thank Walter Collings, a parishioner, for using his influence to get them out so fast. That storm created widespread damage. The tree services were busy. So thanks Walter! I appreciate your help. That was an expense I was not anticipating. With the decline in revenue because of the church closings, it is hard to deal with such an unexpected expense. I would encourage you to continue to mail in envelopes or go online to contribute. I appreciate your support in these difficult times.

As the pandemic continues, many families are facing some very uncertain times. There have been so many layoffs. With a layoff comes loss of income and a loss of health insurance. Food insecurity is also growing. Our thoughts and prayers are with all the people who are experiencing these adverse consequences of Covid-19. Our thoughts and prayers are also with all those infected with the Covid-19 virus. We pray for a speedy recovery.

Our Faith Formation staff is sending out an email blast to all our faith formation families with suggestions for family activities and the latest news about our Confirmation and First Communion Masses. Since the Governor has banned large gatherings until May 4th, the Confirmation Masses scheduled for the end of April will not occur.

They will be rescheduled. However, I do not have any information about rescheduling. We have also postponed the First Communion Masses scheduled for May 2. Faith Formation will be in touch about rescheduling the May 2nd First Communions. We have NOT postponed the First Communion Masses scheduled for May 9th. We are waiting to see what the Governor decides.

Again, please be assured of my prayers for your continued well-being as well as for those you love. Stay safe. Practice physical distancing.

Father Earley

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