LETTER: A Warning From Wilmington Family Who Is ‘99.9% Sure’ They Have Coronavirus, Waiting For Testing

Dear Editor,

I am 99.9% sure our family has the coronavirus. I will explain symptoms in a minute, but for now know this – I have an order from the doctor to test my son, but as of yesterday, both Lawrence General and Winchester Hospital are only testing those who qualify. To qualify you must be a first responder or have a preexisting health condition. There were 2 other qualifications as well I believe. I was told they are not testing just for the sake of testing right now. Understandable. Just saying make sure you call and get pre-screened before hopping in the car.

Next, I would like to share part of our story that I believe is relevant to everyone.

On March 10th I stocked up on groceries, hoping not to go again for a month or so. We did quite well and didn’t go for groceries again until March 28th, 29th and 31st. I did sections at a time. At this time, the new regulations for Market Basket were not in place and was unable to keep at 6 ft distance from customers and employees. And on the 28th. It was very busy. I also went to Lowes to buy a small freezer on March 26th, had to go back and pick it up on 3/30. Both trips to Lowes, I was easily able to keep 6 feet away from customers and cashiers.

But my point is this – when I did go out, each time I took every precaution I could think of it, as listed below:

  • I wore a mask
  • I wore eye protection
  • I wore a hat
  • I wore gloves
  • I sanitized my gloves once in my car
  • I got home and stripped off all my clothes and put them in the wash
  • I immediately took a shower
  • My husband put on gloves and washed all of our groceries before they entered the house

And 5 days after initial grocery outing, half of us here are sick. Like I said, I am 99.9% sure we got the coronavirus. I wish we knew for sure.

When they say it is contagious, it is more so than I could have imagined. I didn’t care how stupid I looked, I felt it was worth it. The idea of blindly infecting others makes me want to puke. It was always said to be airborne.

Here is the story below of symptoms we have seen progressing over past few days:

Adult #1: No symptoms, feels great

Adult #2: 38 years old – Started with feeling a bit tired, then a mild stomachache and other stomach ailments. A very mild sore throat started and has persisted. A little tickle cough, which seems to occur more frequently over last 24 hours. No fever.

Child #1: No symptoms, feels great

Child #2: 8 years old- Started with mild stomachache and then headache. Then fever of 102.5 same day as initial symptoms. Sore throat has consistently gotten worse. Tonsils are his weakness. Highest fever spiked to 103.2 when fever reducer wore off. All symptoms still persisting.

At the end of the day I hope this info is helpful and reinforces what we are all reading.

— Name Withheld

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