STATE REP. DAVE ROBERTSON: “This Is The Single Greatest Health & Economic Crisis Of Our Lives”

Below is a press release from State Rep. Dave Robertson’s Office:

BOSTON, MA — The Commonwealth’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak has been matched only by the resilience of our citizens. We in the 19th Middlesex have come together in ways we haven’t seen in generations. Social distancing, considering our most vulnerable neighbors, pop-up food drives, and other acts of courage and positivity can be seen all around us.

Governor Baker has waived the standard waiting period for unemployment insurance, giving access to many residents who cannot withstand even a temporary loss of income in these increasingly difficult times. There has also been a guarantee of $20m in state backing for small business loans; with individual business qualifying for up to $75,000.

Currently, there exists a bill, which I have signed onto, that would exempt the required usage of sick leave time if a first responder, CO, or nurse becomes infected while performing their official duties. MassBio and the Commonwealth have begun coordination efforts to address any possible shortages. Personally, I have forwarded three reports from local nurses about hospital shortages to MEMA, which that agency has already begun acting on. Anyone facing these shortages, or who have a preexisting condition and runs out of medicine, should call my office immediately.

Additionally, I have been working with MEMA, and local hospitals, to put our citizen experts to use in the fight to produce and maintain our ventilators. I am proud to say that our friends and neighbors have been volunteering to put their skills up against this invisible enemy.

On Monday the 23rd, Governor Baker made the call to ban gatherings of more than ten people, equaling levels advised at the federal level. I, for one, feel that this was the right call at a pivotal time – and I implore that we all listen.

This is the single greatest health and economic crisis of our lives. We are living in a time of sudden and significant uncertainty. No one knows how and when this will end – but I know that it will end sooner if we all stick together.  If our doctors and scientists, who are working hard for a vaccine and tirelessly for any pharmaceutical safety net, are the front lines then we are the homefront. We cannot make their job any more difficult than it already is. Tewksbury and Wilmington are my home. We have all made a commitment to this community. And we will all find that commitment stronger on the other side of this. God bless.

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