TRASH & RECYCLING CHANGE: Casella Waste Management To Take Over For Russell Disposal Starting July 1

WILMINGTON, MA — At a recent Wilmington Board of Selectmen Meeting, Town Manager Jeff Hull announced that the town will soon be changing trash & recycling companies.

“The Town has submitted a letter of intent to Casella Waste Management to sign a new five-year contract that commences on July 1, 2020 for trash and recycling collection services, pending favorable vote at the May 2020 Town Meeting,” said Hull.

The Town would enter into a 5-year contract with Casella, with anticipated costs as follows:

Contract Terms

According to Hull, residents will continue to use their EXISTING trash and recycling barrels with the new contractors. After July 1, residents will need to contact Casella Waste Management for bulky items, white goods and CRT collection. Residents will still be allowed 1 bulky item per week at no charge, and residents will still continue to purchase collection stickers for white goods & CRTs for $10 at Town Hall.

The Department of Public Works plans to issue promote this change, including Casella’s contact information, as July 1 approaches. The DPW will utilize social media, the town’s website, and the Town Topics newsletter.

Hull fully expects Wilmington’s current trash and recycling vendor — Russell Disposal — to continue serving the town through the end of June. The company had indicated to the town last year that they would not be able to continue to operate based on the increasing cost of doing business in the recycling industry. As a result, the Town went out to bid and, of the four proposals received, Casella was the lowest bidder. Casella provides trash and recycling services to over 400 communities in the Northeast, including many in the immediate area.

Hull noted the town is still on the hook for $105,237 per year for the next five years to cover the remaining costs of the trash and recycling barrels purchased from Russell Disposal back in 2015. The expense was stretched out over a 10-year contract.

Selectwoman Jomarie O’Mahony and Selectman Kevin Caira instructed Town Manager Hull to speak with Russell Disposal to ensure that the company provides the town with any barrels earmarked for Wilmington that is left in its inventory.

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