UPDATE: What You Need To Know If You Need To Reach A Particular Town Department In Wilmington This Week

Below is an announcement from Town Manager Jeff Hull’s office:

WILMINGTON, MA — Town offices will remain open for business but closed to the public with only limited access on a case by case basis through Friday, March 20th.   This restriction applies to the Town Hall, Wilmington Memorial Library, Public Works administrative office, Senior Center,  Veterans Services and Harnden Tavern.  Conditions will be re-evaluated at the end of the week to determine whether a similar restriction will be imposed going forward.

The Town Hall will continue with regular hours but will allow access on a very limited basis. Please call ahead and speak with one of the Clerks and they should be able to assist you either over the phone or by email. Should a face to face meeting be necessary (limited circumstances) please make an appointment with the appropriate office. Call the office when you arrive at the Town Hall and you will be directed on how to complete your transaction. You are urged to use the drop slot to the left of the front door for requests and payments. Please note that due to the current circumstances, restroom facilities will not be available to the public.

Town Clerks Office: Marriage Licenses will be processed if the parties are within one week of actual marriage. Other marriage licenses will be deferred until there is further guidance. Other permits, licenses, requests for information can be handled via phone or email. We will hold off the dog licensing until 4/1/2020. Notary services are currently suspended. (phone 978-658-2030 or email ctouma- conway@wilmingtonma.gov)

Treasurer/Collector: As much information as possible is being collected over the phone. Residents seeking to purchase white goods stickers or yard waste ticket should call ahead. A representative from the office will meet the resident at the main entrance. Cash is not being accepted at this time. Payment for excise bills and stickers must be made via check. For instances in which certified funds are required bank check or money order will be the only accepted forms of payment. (phone 978-658-3531 or email pmackenzie@wilmingtonma.gov)

Recreation: Most services are provided via phone/ email. Passport services are suspended at this time. (Phone 978-658-4270 or email kcampbell@wilmingtonma.gov )

Planning/Conservation: All business will be handled via phone/email. (phone 978-658-8238 or email vginrich@wilmingtonma.gov )

Building Dept.: Call in prior to arrival. Will still process applications and issue building permits. Will communicate plan discrepancies via phone/email. Please call to make an appointment for plan review. (phone 978-658-4531 or email aspaulding@wilmingtonma.gov )

Town Managers Office: Will handle as much with public, employees, and retirees over the phone and email. Benefits. Licensing will be on an as needed basis. Please call and speak to an office representative. ( phone 978-658-3311 or email manager@wilmingtonma.gov )

Health: Requests for service and questions will be processed via phone/email. Still performing field inspections. Permits, occupancy certificates, and sign offs will be met at the door for signature. Plan review, please call and make an appointment. (phone 978-658-4298 or email boh@wilmingtonma.gov )

Engineering: Still performing field inspections. Signoffs for permits, please call and make an appointment. All other business will be handled via phone/ email. (phone 978-658-4499 or email palunni@wilmingtonma.gov )

Fire: Administrative offices are open but public is restricted to the lobby. Still performing inspections. Station tours are also cancelled. Emergency Services are not affected. (phone 978-658-3346 non- emergency)

Police: Administrative offices are open but public restricted to the lobby. No Firearms permits are being issued at this time. No car seat installs at this time. Suspending finger printing services. Station tours are also cancelled. Emergency Services are not affected. (phone 978-658-5071 non-emergency or email info@wpd.org )

Assessors: Requests handled via phone/email. Home inspections are suspended at this time with the exception of new, vacant construction. (phone 978-658-3675 or email krassias@wilmingtonma.gov )

DPW: Continue to perform home visits for final water meter reading and trouble calls. Administrative office is open but restricting access to the public. Please call ahead and personnel will assist you or meet you outside the building. (phone 978-658-4711 or email mwoods@wilmingtonma.gov )

Veterans Services: Limiting public access, please contact via phone/ email for assistance. Still helping critical Veterans with transportation to medical facilities. (phone 978-694-2040 or email lcimaglia@wilmingtonma.gov )

Elder Services: Home delivered meals are still being provided. Home visits are still being performed. All routine medical appointment transportation will still be provided. Transport for sick elders will not be provided. Please contact your physician for assistance or 911 in the case of an emergency. The income tax assistance program is being postponed at this time. (phone 978-657-7595 or email tmarciello@wilmingtonma.gov )

Library: Staff will be working but the library is closed to the public. Book drop-off is available in the collection box beside the building. Please do not return your library materials in the book return during the library’s closure. Any library fines will be waived and the due dates will be extended. (phone 978-658-2967 or email tstewart@wilmlibrary.org )

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