St. Thomas & St. Dorothy’s Take Steps To Make Masses Safer In Response To Coronavirus

Below is an announcement from the Parish of the Transfiguration:

WILMINGTON, MA — The Archdiocese is monitoring all information and guidance about COVID-19 virus. Some steps already taken in our parishes include:

Ministers of the Eucharist to Nursing Homes: this important ministry is suspended until further notice. We’ll keep you apprised to changes in the coming weeks.

Welcoming Attendees at Mass: while we might, as custom, shake hands, hug, etc., our fellow parishioners, during this time we encourage everyone to refrain from these practices until such time it is safe once again.

Holy Communion: priests, deacons and extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion are to wash their hands with soap and water prior to the celebration of Mass. A hand sanitizer may be used in the pew by the extraordinary minister prior to the distribution of Holy Communion and after the distribution of Holy Communion. The distribution of the Precious Blood to the faithful has been suspended. Parishes should make provisions for the reception of the Precious Blood for persons with celiac disease who cannot digest the gluten in wheat hosts, according to the archdiocesan policy.

Sign of Peace: the invitation to the sign of peace is an optional, yet regular, part of our liturgical practice, the gesture during the current corona-virus outbreak must be avoided. A head bow or wave of the hand should replace the customary handshake.

Homebound Ministers: we encourage ALL ministers to refrain from the distribution of the Eucharist on the tongue to individuals in homes. Wash hands thoroughly prior to leaving your home, and purity your hands when you leave the home.

Prayers of The Faithful: we’ll add to our communal prayers at Mass for the prevention of the virus and for those affected will be included in the universal prayer during Mass for the foreseeable future.

Should you have any questions about an illness you are experiencing, we encourage you first to contact your own health provider, and follow the usual practices of good hygiene, such as frequent hand-washing (using hand sanitizers with 60% alcohol when soap and water are unavailable); protecting your coughs and sneezes with tissues disposed of immediately, or coughing into your elbow if tissues are not available; cleaning and disinfecting commonly used surfaces often; avoiding contact with people who are ill, if possible; and following other healthy practices of good diet, sleep and exercise.

(NOTE: Cover photo is from Jamie Boudreau of Airgoz Aerial Photography.)

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