Departing WCTV Executive Director Shaun Neville Says Goodbye

The below announcement was submitted by Shaun Neville, Executive Director of Wilmington Community Television (WCTV):

WILMINGTON, MA — Next Wednesday, March 11th, will be my final day at Wilmington Community Television. It has been a pleasure to lead to lead this organization as Executive Director for the past 4 years. I think WCTV has changed quite a bit since I joined in late 2015. My hope is that the station can continue pushing forward under new leadership.

From Day 1, I saw WCTV not as just a community television station, but as a community non-profit serving the town of Wilmington. Sure, volunteer producers could still come in and use WCTV to showcase their talents or share their passions. But I thought the station also had a responsibility to inform its audience on issues facing the community. The role of staff wasn’t just to help build television shows and train members on equipment, but also to talk with community leaders and elected officials about how WCTV could be a platform for their message.

We also needed to grow our online presence. When I came in, WCTV had social media channels and was posting videos online. But those efforts needed to be amped up to cater to an audience that was increasingly finding their content online, not through our traditional television channels.

Maybe I’m bias, but I think WCTV’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages are all “must-follows” for people who use those platforms. I hope when you go to, you often find something new, whether that be a video, information on a youth program or a blog post about station activity. A lot of that content has been available for years, but we weren’t always doing a great job promoting it (truth be told, more can still be done to educate the public about who we are and what we do.)

I would bet that more than half of the kids at Wilmington High School have watched a WCTV video in the past year. That probably means their parents have watched something too. Maybe their grandparents, whether they live in Wilmington or out-of-state, have clicked on a video link that shows a concert, a game, graduation or a talent show. That kind of reach shows how WCTV supports the community.

I will miss a lot of people who I met over the past several years (and maybe not miss a few). I think because I grew up in Wilmington, there was a perception that I was re-connecting with a lot of folks. And while that certainly happened, the reality is that I spent 15 years away from Wilmington and a lot of new faces were around the community when I came in. It was great to get to know so many folks, hear about their experiences in town and, often, how they hoped to continue to make Wilmington a nice place to live.

The search for WCTV’s next Executive Director is well underway. I hope you will all welcome that person, just as you welcomed me. They will bring a new perspective to the job and perhaps look to make some changes in how we’ve operated over the past 4 years. Change can be a good thing, especially if you’ve got the right person steering the ship.

I’m sure I’ll see some of you in the months to come at community events (I have plenty of family still in town). Just don’t look for me holding a camera or a microphone.

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