11 Wilmington Middle School Students Win DPW Stormwater Art Contest

Below is a press release form the Wilmington DPW & Wilmington Middle School:

WILMINGTON, MA — This school year, students in Grade 7 at the Wilmington Middle School participated in a nature walk on campus to see some of the Ipswich River Headwaters near campus. Students saw and learned about some of the storm drains along the way, which helped paint the picture that pollutants that go into storm drains end up in our local waterways; affecting water quality, habitat, and wildlife! Public art and stormwater education installations, like the medallion seen here that Wilmington uses in town, help connect the community to our local water resources.

Students were then presented with an imaginary scenario developed by their science teachers, Mrs. Theresa Fisher, Ms. Christine Grande and Mrs. Karen Strazzere, that the Wilmington Public Works Stormwater Division was seeking grade 7 science artists to transform storm drains on the school campus into public works of art. Students designed artwork for one of the campus drains that could be used as a public outreach plan if a winning design were actually painted around the drain to educate the public about stormwater and drainage. Each seventh grade team awarded a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winning design. The winning designs can be seen below. Thank you to all the seventh grade students for participating in this incredibly important public outreach project to protect our water. Congratulations to all the winners for their fantastic artwork!

Challenger Team Winners

First Place: Natalie Moretti & Emma McClymer


Second Place: Gabriella Fitzgibbons


Third Place: Lyla Bui


Discovery Team Winners

First Place: Katherine Hao


Second Place: Sabrina Gray


Third Place: Allison Viveiros


Explorer Team Winners

First Place Winner: Erin Cornell


Second Place: Raina Raposa & Emma Xavier


Third Place: Hailey Bridge


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