LETTER TO THE EDITOR: GOP State Committeewoman Candidate Laura Sapienza-Grabski Asks For Wilmington Republicans’ Vote

To Voters of First Essex Middlesex:

You have choices on the ballot for the GOP State Committeewoman. This position and the State Committee have over the last few years had many controversies and disappointments for the voters in the district. Promises were made and promises were not kept. There has been a growing disconnect for the voters, local committees and supporters of our legislators with the State Committee.

Our present seat holder in this district was not voted in at an election but was the result of a seat replacement as her predecessor move out state. She has not done the job she promised the caucus voters, despite her political marketing materials, paid for endorsements and staged photos of “training” events. Where was the support to local Republican Committees and candidates in the last election cycle and why were there several communities that did not file to be on the ballot for the March third election?

The State Committee has turned into a club that wants your dollars, but how those dollars are used is not up to a functioning committee. There is a concentration of power with the leadership of the State Committee that is being used publicly and privately to attack GOP candidates, seated legislators and those running in the State Committee races. I expected better when I supported this leadership and my former representative. The Chairman of the State Committee needs to be neutral in any contested race with GOP candidates, especially for State Committee members that will be voting for his employment in January.

It’s not “OK” to take blind orders or to be beholden to an individual at the top of the State Committee food chain, because that leaves YOU and me the voters OUT of the conversation and direction of the GOP. WE have been complaining about the dysfunction of the party for years and the increasing one-party system that we have in Massachusetts and we need a change.

I stepped into this race because I wanted to offer the GOP and unenrolled voters a voice that WILL speak up for them at the State Committee. Many have told me that, “you often say what I am thinking, but I am are afraid to say it.” I have spoken up at many a Boxford Town Meeting and was part of the group to expose the hidden costs of the “One Plan” that we defeated at a recent Town Meeting.

This past weekend, a non-profit that I helped found, held the 10th annual meeting with training sessions for farmers, Agricultural Commissions and the public. As the President of that organization, it started as a grassroots group with a handful of farmers and community supporters interested in keeping a connection to agriculture in our communities and has grown to supporting about 175 communities in the Commonwealth. As Mrs. Essex County for 2013 and a founding, long standing member of the Boxford Agricultural Commission that will be celebrating our 15th year of formation, our hard work brought local initiatives to a state level and we can do it again.

There is a grassroots GOP movement in our District that supports our President that I am an active part of it (I’m very connected to the NH Team), but we have also voted for our Governor and our GOP legislators, hoping to balance out the power on the Hill. There are also 2.5 million unenrolled voters in our state, that far exceeds either party, with many taking a ballot to support the President in this election cycle. We need to come together!

GOP and Unenrolled voters in the First Essex Middlesex District, please vote for Laura Sapienza-Grabski and help us grow a grassroots change to support the voice of the voters of Gloucester, Boxford, Essex, Georgetown, Groveland, Hamilton, Ipswich, Manchester, Middleton, Newbury, North Andover (Pe 5-8), North Reading, Rockport, Rowley, Wenham, West Newbury and Wilmington, at the GOP State Committee.

Thank you for your consideration!

Laura Sapienza-Grabski of Boxford,
GOP State Committee First Essex Middlesex,
Laura for MA State Committee 1st Essex Middlesex

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