STATE REP RACE: Alec DiFruscia Named A “Top Contender” By Massachusetts GOP

Below is a press release from the Alec DiFruscia campaign:

TEWKSBURY, MA —  Alec DiFruscia, Republican Candidate for State Representative in the 19th Middlesex District, was named a top contender by the Massachusetts Republican Party earlier this week.

DiFruscia was also named to the Minuteman Program, a partnership between the Massachuestts GOP and top tier candidates.

“As we’ve said before about the Minuteman Program — we’ll provide candidates with the tools for success, but what the candidates ultimately do is up to them,” said MassGOP Chairman Jim Lyons. “Alec DiFruscia has taken this opportunity and run with it, and I hope others are as inspired by his take-charge attitude as I am.”

The Alec for Rep team has kept the race focused on issues, and remains committed to fighting for working families in Tewksbury and Wilmington. DiFruscia’s campaign far outpaced incumbent Representative David Robertson in fundraising for the previous reporting period.

“I’m proud of my team and grateful for the recognition from Chairman Jim Lyons and the Massachusetts GOP,” DiFrusica said. “Rep. Robertson has made Beacon Hill work for special interests and insiders. That ends November 3rd. I will make Beacon Hill work for us.”

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2 thoughts

  1. I really don’t think that your experience for this type of position is enough. Representative David Robertson is currently in the position, and was in the position as a aide in this position of the late Representative Jim Miceli. David Robertson has been trainned fully in this position by Rep. Miceli, and knows all in in and outs, and he is the only one I would be voting for. I hope others feel the same way I do.

  2. Seriously, to keep this candidate so called relevant the State GOP has to give him a “TOP Contender” rating? Please Pina on her worst day had a much better chance in the last election. Let’s take fundraising for instance the figure is larger but if you look where the donations are coming from its Repub groups and donors from OUT OF STATE. Our Rep’s donations are from the citizens of our district. Secondly, he says he fights for working families. Unions have a history of working for working families by getting their members better wages and benefits and also raising the standards for other workers of their industries. I’m sure Alec is talking about lower taxes for businesses (big) in the hopes that trickle down will work (if it does its only more minimum wage jobs). Lastly, if he won (that’s a 5% chance) it would be a wasted vote since the House and Senate will change parties when hell freezes over. The only ones that will be happy are the pure ideologues. So join me for another term for our current Representation David Robertson who is bringing $$$ money back to our district and works pragmatically to gets things done.

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