STATE REP ROBERTSON: “Local Resident Stories Needed To Aid In Fight At Olin Site”

Below is a press release from State Representative David Robertson:

WILMINGTON, MA — One of Wilmington’s longest running issues is at an important crossroads. At the public meeting held in October, attended by both EPA and Olin Chemical representatives, we were updated on the ongoing process of cleaning the Superfund site. Thus far, approximately 1 million gallons of “DAPL”, the thick chemical ‘goo’ embedded in our bedrock, which consists of dangerous NDMA, has been removed — leaving 20 million more to go. In addition to this removal, Olin vowed to use a helicopter equipped with ground penetrating radar to better map the bedrock and address any potential, and as yet unseen, leakage. At the meeting, I pushed for more local oversight. I urged Olin to consider allowing the final signing-off for land reuse to fall to the Board of Selectmen, an act of good faith which would underline their previous commitment assuring top-tier standards and cooperation with municipal government.

Since October, my office has continued to contact the EPA, re-enforcing our community’s shared demands that Olin keep their promises to Wilmington. Hollow rhetoric serves no function here and empty gestures only compound the damage.

Now I must ask you – rather urge you — the affected residents, to share your stories of how all of this has impacted you: your life, your family, and your picture for the future. Industrial burden must never fall onto the citizenry; we mustn’t be made to drink bottled water because of corporate inaction, we must never have to care for a sick child because of a dismissive federal government. Most of all, we must never be forced to pay the price for Olin’s profits. In a time of such great division, our community is showing how we can come together, how neighbors can work with neighbors to right wrongs, and how we can all help ensure that those who inherit Wilmington will live on land that is clean and drink water that is pure. To those who may wish to submit their stories, or for those who any have questions on Olin, please call me at 617-722-2210, or email me at

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