WCTV NEWS & NOTES: WCTV Scholarship Application Now Available To Graduating Seniors

The below announcement was submitted by Shaun Neville, Executive Director of Wilmington Community Television (WCTV):

WILMINGTON, MA — On Tuesday night, I had the pleasure of attending the Mass Creator Awards in Boston. This annual event recognizes community media across Massachusetts, with 15 categories ranging from Civic Engagement to Youth, Music to Sports.

WCTV had two programs that were named as Nominees for this year’s awards. WCTV Youth and Content Coordinator Ryan Malyar’s promotion for his Night of the Living Dead Radio Playwas among 5 finalists in the “Promotional” category.  WCTV member Renee Marcou’s podcast Namaste With Reneewas among 3 finalist in the “Podcast” category.

Neither of the productions took home the first-place trophy on Tuesday, but it was an honor just to have these programs listed as nominees. There is some outstanding work being done across Massachusetts right now at the community level. I’d encourage you to head to wctv.org for a link to the award-winners so you can see for yourself.

As one of the award judges noted, they felt like they were watching a TV network series or something on Netflix. The added bonus here is that not only is it great content, it’s communitycontent. They are programs about people and events in a specific city or town.

Too often, viral videos and television content is focused on big national events or feature folks who no nothing about what makes a town like Wilmington special. Tuesday night was all about recognizing that local media still matters, maybe now more than ever.


WCTV is now accepting scholarship applications for the Class of 2020.

The form is online and can be found at wctv.org/scholarship.  Funds are available to any Class of 2020 graduate who lives in Wilmington and is attending college next fall. You do not need to be attending Wilmington High School to be eligible.

Students with WCTV experience or those pursuing a degree in some form of communication are strongly encouraged to apply.  Scholarship amounts are given in amounts up to $1,500.  The deadline is May 1st.


The deadline to apply for the WCTV Board of Directors is next Friday, February 7th.

WCTV is a non-profit organization and is governed by a Board of Directors, which ensures that money is being properly managed and the station’s day-to-day activities line up with the overall strategic goals of WCTV.

You do not need to be a current member of WCTV to be on the Board.  In fact, an ideal Board member may be someone who can offer a fresh perspective on station philosophy and give a new set of eyes on how WCTV’s resources can be used to better promote community partnerships.

A full packet of information and the application form can be found online at WCTV.  For more information, you can contact Executive Director Shaun Neville at shaun@wctv.org.

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