WCTV NEWS & NOTES: WCTV Produced 580 Videos & Podcasts In 2019, A 10% Increase From 2018

The below announcement was submitted by Shaun Neville, Executive Director of Wilmington Community Television (WCTV):

WILMINGTON, MA — With 2019 in the rear-view mirror, it’s time to look back at all the content on WCTV from the past year. WCTV prides itself on being a platform for all community content. That can be TV programs or podcasts; volunteer-produced or staff-led; youth programming or features at the senior center.

All told, WCTV was the source of more than 580 unique pieces of content in 2019. That’s 11 new videos and podcasts each week. This represents about a 10% rise in productions from 2018. It doesn’t even include highlights and short clips that we often break out of the bigger productions. It also doesn’t include videos produced outside of Wilmington that make it onto our air (ex: RMLD Board Meetings, Rep. Ken Gordon talk show).

We counted 31 volunteer producers in our ranks and that includes seven producers who host podcasts. They all combined to produce 195 programs last year! There are other members who don’t necessarily produce programming, but assist in other ways, like operating a camera in studio or doing sports play-by-play. WCTV wouldn’t be what it is without this core group of volunteers.

Another big piece of WCTV’s programming is produced by youth. Dozens of short videos, and even a few podcasts, were produced by members under the age of 18. WCTV hosts youth programs year-round and all of the videos get populated to a dedicated YouTube page. Look for a link at wctv.org.

When it comes to staff-led programming, a lot of the emphasis is on live programs. There were 90 live events on WCTV last year, including 59 municipal meetings. The other live programs (more than 2 per month) include live sports, concerts, election programming and more.

We know that you won’t watch WCTV every day (Wait, do you?). But our hope is that among the more than 500 pieces of video that were produced at WCTV last year, you found at least a few programs that held your attention and will have you coming back in the future to see new programming.


Want to help support the WCTV mission and be a part of strategic discussions on how the media center fits in to help other Wilmington organizations? WCTV is now accepting applications to join its Board of Directors.

You do not need to be a current member of WCTV to be on the Board. In fact, many of the recent additions were non-members who watched WCTV and wanted to work to promote the station, its programming and its collaborative efforts in the community.

Current Board members include Selectwoman Jomarie O’Mahony, School Committee member Jesse Fennelly, Robert Hayes of the Wilmington Apple, last year’s Wilmington Good Guy Mike Burns, and more!

Applications are due by February 7th. Current board members will then review applicants to send a field of candidates onto the membership for a vote at the WCTV Annual Meeting to held on March 18th.

A full packet of information and the application form can be found online at WCTV. For more information, you can contact Executive Director Shaun Neville at shaun@wctv.org.

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