LETTER TO THE EDITOR: State Rep. Dave Robertson Thanks Volunteers Behind Wilmington & Tewksbury Holiday Events

Dear Editor,

Over the past several weeks both Tewksbury and Wilmington have again achieved, bar none, throwing some of the best public holiday events in the area. Both towns had wildly successful tree lighting ceremonies, with visits from Santa himself, and amazing ice sculptures thanks to our Chamber of Commerce. The Festival of Trees in Wilmington attracted thousands, showcasing local businesses and organizations, and holiday toy bins all over town overflowed with your charitable donations. It is indeed a busy time for us all, yet these magical moments happened day after day in breathtaking fashion.

This busy nature is why I wanted to take a moment to pause and thank everyone for making these events happen. You mothers and fathers, who after working and commuting home still bundle up the kids to let them run around on time common, or residents who go out of the way to buy some toys to help Santa help families less fortunate. Work, travel, and family life only gets busier towards the end of the year, yet you don’t let it slow your Christmas spirit. Sure, the kids have a blast and in the end it is all fun and joy, but you put in serious time and effort to let them have memories to last a lifetime. It is simply remarkable.

I also want to especially thank all the volunteers and town employees who went above and beyond to plan and execute these events with perfect cheer and precision. Months of planning go into just a few hectic hours, and everything needs to operate with clockwork precision. Be it our police officers ensuring pedestrians can cross busy roads, DPW workers laying literal miles of lights, or committees of volunteers working thankless hours weeks before it all comes together for a beautiful finish; and while they don’t seek validation for their selfless work beyond smiles and laughter, we all owe them a big round of applause. Lastly, I also want to thank the volunteers who have run several charities, specifically a special family in Wilmington who manage Toys for Tots. Santa has a lot of magic, but without your assistance the trees of those who have hit rough times would not look as great Christmas morning. These folks, our communities “elves”, work hard year round to make sure that every kid can look forward to receiving something that special morning. I do not mention them by name, because that is not what they are for, but they are an inspiration for me and many.

I look forward to seeing many more of you out and about the coming weeks as we continue celebrating and sharing the holiday spirit of charity and happiness, but odds are with the chaos of our busy schedules I will miss seeing many of you in person. Because of that, I wanted to wish you and your family all a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukah, or a cheerful holiday of your practice. Stay warm, and thank you again for an amazing time of year.


David Robertson

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