PROPERTY TAX NEWS: Wilmington’s Average Single Family Tax Bill To Increase $250

WILMINGTON, MA – It was announced at Monday night’s Wilmington Board of Selectmen Meeting that the average single family annual tax bill in town is set to increase by $251.65, from $6,626.43 to $6,878.07.

The town’s tax rate will actually DECREASE, from 13.75 to 13.59, but bills will rise due to a significant increase in property values. The average single family home value in Wilmington increased by approximately 5.0% in one year, jumping from $481,922 to $506,113.

As it does each year, the Board of Selectmen unanimously voted to approve a maximum tax classification shift of 1.75% per the recommendation of Rassias and the Wilmington Board of Assessors.

“This is the most favorable scenario for the residential taxpayer,” explained Rassias.

As a result of the shift, homeowners will only be responsible for 59.8734% of the tax levy despite the fact that residential properties make up 77.07% of the town’s value. (Without any shift, the residential tax rate would increase to 17.49 and the average tax bill would rise by $2,225.)

In comparing Wilmington’s residential taxes to all the other communities in Middlesex and Essex counties, Rassias pointed out that Wilmington has the 33rd lowest (“best”) ranking, out of the 88 cities and towns.

No residents spoke during the public hearing.

“It’s amazing to me that we’ve hit the half-a-million mark for average value of homes in town. You never would have dreamed this many, many years ago,” noted Selectman Mike McCoy. “I’ve always voted for the maximum tax shift to give less of the burden to the residents. We do get a good bang for our buck in this community — no school bus fees, no trash fees, no sports fees… But I sympathize with the seniors in town and regular working families. It’s tough out there. ”

“We want to shift the burden away from the residents the best possible way we can, and this is the way we do it,” agreed Selectman Chair Greg Bendel. “We appreciate the recommendation from the Board of Assessors.”

The average commercial/industrial tax bill will see an increase of $1,625.23, while the tax rate decreases from 30.94 to 30.61.

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