Wilmington Model Train Club Announces Holiday Open House On December 7

Below is a press release from the Wilmington-based Boston Metro Hi-Railers Model Train Club:

WILMINGTON, MA — The Boston Metro Hi-Railers Model Train Club will host its Holiday Open House on Saturday, December 7, 2019, from 10am to 4pm, at its clubhouse at 5 Waltham Street in Wilmington.

Like previous events, this open house will feature attractions for families, train enthusiasts and hobbyists alike. The three children’s layouts are especially interesting as boys and girls of all sizes can have hands-on experience running trains, operating trackside accessories or just watching others.

The price of admission remains the same at $5 per individual and $10 per family. Refreshments will be available. A snow day on Sunday, December 8 will be the backup date. For information, visit http://bmhrc.com.

This open house will feature a brief history of the club’s layout and plans for future enhancements.

The BMHR layout represents a fictitious railroad running from Scranton, Pennsylvania, to Portland, Maine. The railroad covers 485 route miles and is based on several factors:

  • The geography of the Northeastern United States — the BMHR route is governed by the geography of the Appalachian Mountain Range which favors following contours of the land. The “lay-of-the-land” is not conducive to a northeasterly route out of Scranton directly toward Troy, so the route goes due north from Scranton to Binghamton, then turn east to Troy.
  •  Scenic features on our layout, such as the Reinforced Cast Concrete Viaduct, found mainly in Northeastern Pennsylvania on either the Erie or the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western, and Troy Union Station.
  • The high-speed, well-graded, double-track mainline.
  • The trestle and bridges representing a crossing of the Hudson River.

Basically, the BMHR follows the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western from Scranton north to Binghamton, New York; then the Delaware & Hudson east from Binghamton to Schenectady and Troy; then the Boston & Maine east from Troy to Lowell; and then the Boston & Maine north from Lowell through Lawrence and Dover, New Hampshire, to Portland, Maine. Some liberties were taken to make the project doable. In real life, Worcester would have to be on a branch, not on the mainline from Troy to Lowell and Palmer is south of the main east-west route — it is actually on the former Boston & Albany route not too far from Springfield.

Progress on creating these locations is in different stages of completion. Scranton is the furthest along, including the long-gone Luna Park amusement center. Troy station near Albany is getting finishing details to make it every more realistic. The bridge over the Hudson River is represented by the hand-crafted trestle now getting scenery added to its base. A small village intended for the “balloon loop” near Lowell is coming along. The end of the line at Portland harbor has several prototype cardboard buildings being tested to see what looks best before committing to a final design.

In addition to the work in progress on the main layout, the club maintains three additional tables for visitors to play with during open house days. The layouts are smaller than the main setup but do provide plenty of hands on action. Boston Metro Hi Railers is unique compared to other train clubs in that it encourages children and adults to play with the trains and accessories set up just for them.

The Boston Metro Hi Railers is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization whose purpose is educational in mature and looks forward to continuing and expanding the mission to “promote and encourage participation in the model railroading hobby through educational, nonprofit and charitable activities with emphasis on preserving our nation’s railroading heritage through the maintenance, operation and demonstration of model railroading.”

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