SELECTMEN NEWS: Town To Take Back Its 20 Spots In Main St. MBTA Parking Lot

WILMINGTON, MA — At last week’s Selectmen’s Meeting, Town Manager Jeff Hull announced some good news for the owners and customers of businesses located in the Town Center, but some not so good news for Wilmington’s commuter rail riders.

Hull revealed that the MBTA — back 20 years ago — designated 20 parking spaces in its Main Street parking lot to Wilmington for the purpose of short-term parking for customers of businesses in the area.

Over time, however, these parking spaces — which varies in count from 16 to 20 — stopped being used for their intended purposes. The town is looking to take some action.

“There’s some signs that need to be replaced. I’ve asked our Public Works Director to contact MBTA to replace the parking signs,” said Hull.

“The bigger challenge, frankly, is going to be monitoring the spaces there,” added Hull. “There are no meters. We’ll be reliant on the police department checking in periodically and to advise those parking there that it’s not intended for commuter parking.”

“How are we going to relay this message to folks in the short-term before the signage goes up? They’ve been parking in those spots without any issues. I imagine no one will get towed until the signate goes up?,” Selectman Greg Bendel asked Town Manager Jeff Hull.

Hull assured the board that the police will take a measured approach and towing would not start immediately.  He also suggested that the police may struggle to always enforce the parking space restrictions as they have many other responsibilities and priorities.

The issue was recently brought to light by Selectman Mike McCoy after he attended ribbon cuttings for two businesses in the Town Center and noted, over the course of more than an hour, all the cars parked in the town’s designated short-term parking spots hadn’t moved. He speculated those vehicles belonged to commuters.

McCoy, who sits on the MBTA Advisory Board, contacted Executive Director Paul Regan on the matter, who assured him the MBTA will put up new signage for the spots in the near future.

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