WCTV NEWS & NOTES: Paula Borges-Stalker Launches Podcast With WCTV; Organization Night Set For November 21

The below announcement was submitted by Shaun Neville, Executive Director of Wilmington Community Television (WCTV):

WILMINGTON, MA — When you think about a program producer or show host on WCTV, you likely think of a video. But did you know most of our current producer group never goes on camera? They’re in the podcast studio, producing audio content for a local audience.

Our Member Spotlight this month is one of those podcasters:Amy LaMarche. Amy hosts “Minding Your Business,” a monthly program featuring members of the local business community. Topics vary depending on the guest’s expertise.  Recent programs have focused on planning a kitchen re-model, setting up a will or trust and health insurance benefits for small benefits.

One of our newest podcasts is “Calling All Angels” from Paula Borges-Stalker. This “feel-good” program is a great listen as we enter the holiday season.

Podcast regulars Connor and Erica Marchant host their “TaP: Teens and Parents” program to talk about family. Their latest episode is on managing expectations versus reality while growing up. There’s also “Fresh Perspectives”, which is produced by Wilmington Recovery Coach Caroline Buckley. Her latest episode talks about tips on how to stay sober during the holidays.

And those just crack the surface. “Bridging the Digital Divide”, “Namaste with Renee”, “Mark’s Musings”, and “Quick Health Concepts” are some more local podcasts being produced by your neighbors!

You can find WCTV podcasts on SoundCloud, Spotify and Stitcher. Or you can listen to them on the WCTV App, available on Apple and Android devices. OR if you just want an old-fashioned website to sample some of the sounds, check out wctv.org/podcasts.


Save the date for Wilmington Organization Night. On Thursday, November 21, 2019, WCTV will air a LIVE program featuring more than a dozen community groups. The goal here is to give town organizations 5 minutes to explain what they do in town and how you can get involved or support their cause.

This program will also serve as a kick-off for a Community Connections Donation Drive here at WCTV. We are lining up a bunch of events in December to educate the public about how we’re funded and how you can help support our mission. We have a bunch of fun projects on tap.  Look for more details in the coming weeks.

New Programs: Watch them all on WCTV (Comcast 9 / Verizon 37) or at wctv.org.

  • WHS Girls Soccer vs. Salem
  • PODCAST: Member Spotlight: Amy LaMarche
  • PODCAST:Fresh Perspectives
  • PODCAST: Namaste With Renee
  • Book Stew:Playwright Lawrence Hennessey discusses his drama “Crippled Inside”.
  • All About the Flavors: Chef Bob Hamel whips up seafood sliders.
  • Police Swearing-in Ceremony
  • Wildcat TV: Rotary Interact Club Profile

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