WCTV NEWS & NOTES: WCTV Covered Each Varsity Sports This Fall; 100+ Photos From Horribles Parade

The below announcement was submitted by Shaun Neville, Executive Director of Wilmington Community Television (WCTV):

WILMINGTON, MA — The fall sports season is wrapping up, which means WCTV is finishing up its coverage of Wildcat sports until the winter season kicks in.

This autumn, we covered every varsity sport, from football to golf, field hockey to cross country. That included interviews with all the captains before the season started and then coverage of at least one game/match. We also make sure to cover all the Senior Night activities. We know how important these are for graduating seniors and their families. We hope they not only share them now with family and friends but also go back to them years from now to see part of their high school athletic career wrap up.

To see all of our Wildcat TV coverage, go to wctv.org/wildcat.  Our Wildcat TV Block of programs airs every Friday and Sunday nights from 7P-11P (Comcast 9 / Verizon 37). That’ll include the latest content from the high school, whether it be sports, music or school events.


Rain washed out the traditional Horribles Parade this year, but the festivities continued inside Wilmington High School. We’ve posted more than a hundred pictures to our Facebook page of kids in their costumes.  There’s also video of Spiderman, dinosaurs, witches and princesses walking through the WHS cafeteria. Look for video on TV and online at wctv.org/vod.


WCTV’s production of “Night of the Living Dead: The Radio Play” premiered this Wednesday.  It’ll re-run this weekend, but you can also find it on our video-on-demand page online.  This project is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before on WCTV: a mash-up of classic horror clips with sound recorded by your neighbors in WCTV’s studio.  The program runs about 35 minutes. Yes, we’ll do this again some time!

New Programs: Watch them all on WCTV (Comcast 9 / Verizon 37) or at wctv.org.

  • Board of Selectmen
  • Horribles Parade Highlights
  • Where’s Wilmington: Police Community Liaison Officer
  • WHS Football vs. Wakefield: Includes Senior Night and Halftime Show
  • Mette Tribute: Short Clip
  • WHS Girls Soccer vs. Watertown
  • Senior Night: Field Hockey, Volleyball, Boys Soccer
  • Town Museum / Library Presentation: Mrs. Henry Hiller
  • Bridging the Digital Divide Podcast: Joe Martiniello
  • Namaste With Renee Podcast

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