LETTER TO THE EDITOR: A Senior Center Can Wait; Schools Need To Be The Priority

Dear Editor,

I am writing in regard to last night’s (Monday, October 28th, 2019) Facilities Master Plan Committee meeting. I am not a parent of a child in Wilmington Public Schools but I will say having gone through them that they need to be the priority for our town. I know this is not a popular opinion, but a senior center can wait. While I do think that our seniors deserve a modern center for recreation, they do not need it as badly as our students need new or at least updated schools. Seniors are not legally required to go to the senior center. Our students, however, are legally required to attend school and we are sending them to schools that are beyond their life.

Age of our Schools

  • The Boutwell ECC opened in 1961 is 58 Years old with no record of renovation according to the MSBA
  • The North Intermediate opened in 1962 is 57 Years old with not record of renovation to the MSBA
  • The Shawsheen Elementary opened in 1970 is 49 Years old with no record of renovation according to the MSBA
  • The West Intermediate opened in 1964 is 55 Years old with no record of renovation according to the MSBA
  • The Wildwood ECC opened in 1955 is 64 Years old with no record of renovation according to the MSBA
  • The Woburn St School opened in 1963 is 56 Years old it’s last renovation was in 1968 51 years ago.

(Source: Massachusetts School Building Authority)

The schools in Wilmington, ESPECIALLY the Wildwood Street School, are in dire need and have been for a while now, having talked to friends who have children in that building. I have heard of very poor conditions including inadequate and inconsistent heating throughout the school (keep in mind these are students 3 years old-6 years old), rodents, and a building that in general has not been well maintained and does not seem fit to teach the youngest children in our town.

While I do think our seniors deserve a better center, our youngest students NEED it so they can learn in a safe and healthy environment. Our students are our future and we need to give them the best conditions to learn and succeed in newly built or renovated buildings that are both healthy and modern. For Wilmington to continue to succeed, our students must succeed and that requires modern learning spaces like other towns around us.

Thank you,

A Wilmington Resident concerned about our students’ future

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3 thoughts

  1. I don’t think it is appropriate to publish this letter anonymously. If someone doesn’t have the courage of their convictions, they should not be allowed to pit one group against another – they knew this was wrong which is why they wanted to be anonymous – Wilmington needs to value all its citizens!
    Carolyn Fenn

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  2. I also Agree, and disagree with the content. the people that go to the senior center are the folks who built and made this town what it is. they deserve so much better than what they have. The School department / committees and town has no one to blame but themselves for letting these building fall into such a state of disrepair. Rather than properly maintaining them from other budgets, they purposely, in my opinion let them decay because for whatever reason they find it more appealing to raise are taxes for major capital projects.
    And while I am at it why does North Wilmington need a fire sub station any more the the Shawsheen area or West street area’s?

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