ALL POLITICS ARE LOCAL: Republican Comes Forward To Challenge State Rep. Dave Robertson

WILMINGTON, MA — With apologies to the Lowell Sun‘s “The Column,” below is Wilmington Apple‘s new weekly local political column, “All Politics Are Local.”

ALEC DIFRUSCIA RUNNING FOR THE 19th MIDDLESEX: Alec DiFruscia (R-Tewksbury) recently began his campaign to become the next State Representative for Wilmington and Tewksbury. The 24-year-old George Washington University graduate, who was born and raised in Tewksbury, told the Lowell Sun he plans on reaching out to voters to earn their trust and make his message heard.

According to his campaign website, DiFruscia will be running on a message of:

  • holding the line on illegal immigration (opposing efforts to make Massachusetts a sanctuary state and giving driver licenses to illegal aliens)
  • reigning in taxes and spending (opposing any & all efforts to increase taxes)
  • fostering a small business-friendly environment (lowering the sales tax, meals tax and income taxes to 5%)
  • creating a more transparent, accountable government (mandating a 24-hour review period prior to votes so legislators read what they’re voting on)
  • increasing local aid for schools, first responders and infrastructure
  • finding practical solutions to address the opioid epidemic (support law enforcement, provide resources for first responders & treatment facilities to assist those suffering from addiction; tougher penalties for drug dealers)

DiFruscia can be found on Facebook HERE and Twitter HERE.

WILMINGTON NATIVE RUNNING FOR METHUEN MAYOR: Wilmington native Dan Shibilia (WHS Class of 2004) is running for the Mayor of Methuen. An attorney, Shibilia has worked as a manager at the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families over the past four years.

Shibilia, who moved to Methuen in 2015, is embracing his role in the race as a political newcomer.

“I’m not a politician, I’m not part of the political clique in town. I’m a new face, an unknown and I believe the majority of folks outside of the old-school political circles are ready for new leadership,” Shibilia told The Loop.

Shibilia, the first declared candidate in the race, is competing against three other challengers. The top two finishers in this Tuesday’s primary will go on to compete on November 5.

Methuen’s current mayor — James Jajuga — has decided not to seek re-election. Methuen’s finances are being temporarily overseen by the state after its School Department overspent its budget by $4 million and police union negotiations were mishandled.

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One thought

  1. Mayor Jajuga seems like a hack who encourages patronage hires, exorbitant deficits, and police contacts that the city can’t afford. Wilmington is extremely lucky that it’s elected officials and town management live up to higher standards!

    Methuen’s loss was Wilmington’s gain; he didn’t reappoint City Clerk Tina last year. As a result, she’s now the Wilmington Town Clerk.

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