Superintendent Reorganizes Student Support Services Department; Special Education & Nursing Depts. To Benefit

WILMINGTON, MA — At a recent School Committee Meeting, School Superintendent Dr. Glenn Brand highlighted the recent reorganization of the district’s Department of Student Support Services.

The two biggest changes include (1) the creation of a Special Education Coordinator (with the elimination of the Special Education Curriculum Team Leader) and (2) shifting Nursing Services from the Assistant Superintendent’s purview to that of the Student Support Services Director.

“Our Office of Student Support Services oversees a broad spectrum of specialized programs and services to meet the needs of students across the district,” explained Brand. “Essentially, almost all of the educational-related services and programs that fall outside the general education program, curriculum and instruction fall under the oversight of this department.”

By creating the Special Education Coordinator, maintaining the Behavioral Health Coordinator, and repositioning the Nursing Services Director, the Student Support Services Department now has three key leaders that help the Director of Student Support Services lead and oversee the areas of Special Education, nursing, and behavioral health.

The department, which accounts for approximately $20 million of the school budget, now handles:

  • Special Education
  • Social & Emotional Learning
  • Nursing/Health Services
  • School Counseling
  • 504 Accommodations
  • Harassment/Bullying/Civil Rights/Student Discipline
  • Homelessness
  • Preschool Programs

Brand briefly highlighted several benefits from the restructuring of the Department of Student Support Services, including (1) improved consistency in managing student-related issues; (2) alignment of all student support services; (3) constant support for PreK-12 Special Education programming; and (4) dedicated leadership to support the operation of the entire department.

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