Superintendent Brand Announces His TEN Goals For The 2019-2020 School Year

WILMINGTON, MA — WPS Superintendent Dr. Glenn Brand recently unveiled his goals for the 2019-2020 school year.

His TEN goals, in no particular order, include:

#1) Develop a school start-time committee to gather research around school start-times and student heath and well-being, determine scenarios and make recommendations to the School Committee.

#2) Foster parent/guardian engagement and community communication through the development and implementation of an intra-school council that serves to bring stakeholders from each of our former school community partners, including school councils, PACs, and the Wilmington Educational Foundation.

#3) Develop a ‘report to the community’ that includes highlights of school and district performance data, accomplishments, and achievements.

#4) Develop a campaign to promote the district’s new strategic plan inclusive of core values, vision and mission throughout the Wilmington community. This plan will be multi-faceted in an effort to ensure awareness, meaning, and progress monitoring.

#5) Launch a Superintendent’s Advisory Council to facilitate two-way communication between his office and the staff throughout the district. The council will include representation from all schools and employee groups and will meet monthly.

#6) Oversee and lead the development/formulation of the “Action For Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity Committee” to review recent data and further explore district practices around inclusion and equity.

#7) Attend one staff meeting in EACH school building, and one department meeting for EACH department, over the course of the year. This is all in addition to regularly scheduled school visits.

#8) Utilize Extended Leadership Team (ELT) meetings to engage in calibration of educator observations and evaluations.

#9) Develop a shared commitment to high standards of teaching and learning through the establishment of non-negotiable goals for achievement and instruction through collaboration with key stakeholders, including members of the Extended Leadership Team as well as instructional staff.

#10) There is also a goal related to the condition of school buildings which Wilmington Apple will expound on later this week.

In a memo to the School Committee, Brand noted that the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) recently revised the Superintendent Evaluation process in Massachusetts, rolling out a new evaluation rubric. For this school year, districts are given the option of whether or not to pilot the rubric. Brand is encouraging the School Committee to utilize the new rubric in his evaluation.

The School Committee is expected to formally approve Brand’s goals at their September 11, 2019 meeting after some discussion. Brand will then be evaluated based, in part, on whether or not he achieves these goals.

The School Committee will also decide, over the course of its next few meetings, whether to adopt the new superintendent evaluation rubric this school year or wait until the following year.

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