What’s Happening With The Old Xpedx Building On Main Street?

WILMINGTON, MA – One of Wilmington’s most talked-about vacant properties – the warehouse with office space that once housed Xpedx and Veritiv at 613 Main Street – is inching closer to being filled.

The Seyon Group, a Boston-based industrial real estate investment firm, is currently in front of the town’s Planning Board and Conservation Commission with a proposal to redevelop the 39.5-acre site.

“Their proposal is to demolish a portion of the building (approximately 50,000 sf) in order to build 41 new loading docks and parking areas at the northern and southern ends of the site to create more parking,” Wilmington’s Planning & Conservation Director Valerie Gingrich told the Wilmington Apple.

Mark LaVoiee, representing the Seyon Group, clarified with the Planning Board that there are no tenants currently committed to the building, but he anticipates the warehouse will ultimately house up to three tenants.

“We have been marketing for over a year and would prefer to have a single user, but it’s not looking possible because the building is too large,” LaVoiee explained to the board.

Jim Winn, of Ron Muller & Associates, Seyon’s traffic engineer consultant, anticipates the project – which calls for a reduction in the warehouse’s size but a significant increase in both its number of loading docks (from 23 to 64) and parking spaces (281 space to 498 spaces) – will create a “slight increase” in traffic. During “peak evening hours,” 13 vehicles will enter the site and 36 vehicles will exit the site, with 20% expected to be truck traffic.

Per the suggestion of Town Engineer Paul Alunni, the Planning Board asked the Seyon Group to pay for a Traffic Peer Review Study, which they agreed to do.

The Seyon Group is scheduled to meet with the Planning Board again on Tuesday, August 6 and the Conservation Commission on Wednesday, August 7 to continue the public hearings on the project.

This Main Street property, which has been vacant since May 2017, made headlines back in the spring of 2017 when Selectman Mike McCoy publicly worried that the parcel could be rezoned to allow for a large scale housing development.  The rumor never materialized.

613 Main Street #3
The location of the former Xpedx building (613 Main Street) courtesy of Google Images


613 Main Street #1
The existing site plan courtesy of Seyon Group, which Seyon would like to redevelop


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