RMLD Asks Residents To Conserve Energy During This Weekend’s Heat Wave

READING, MA — With a heat wave predicted this Friday through Sunday, electricity demand in New England is expected to peak. RMLD’s usage during peaks impacts future power supply costs and the environment (Click here to learn more about RMLD’s Shred the Peak Program). In extreme situations, power supply resources may not have the capacity to meet this high demand, and the regional electric grid may be affected.

As a preemptive measure, RMLD is asking customers to voluntarily conserve electricity Friday, Saturday, and Sunday between the hours of 3:00 pm and 7:00 pm by turning off unnecessary lights and electronics and minimizing the use of air conditioning. Please note, people who require air conditioning and other electrical appliances for health and safety reasons should not restrict their use.

If the regional electricity supply becomes insufficient to meet the anticipated demand plus required operating reserves, the grid operator, ISO-New England (ISO-NE), may implement a multi-step procedure to protect the New England power grid and its consumers.

The first steps include appeals to the public to voluntarily conserve electricity.
These appeals are released in incremental levels:

  • Power Watch – The initial appeal for voluntary conservation.
  • Power Warning – If conditions do not improve, a power warning stating that an immediate reduction in power usage is needed to help protect the region’s electricity system will be issued.

If conditions do not improve after public conservation appeals, ISO-NE may implement emergency procedures which would require RMLD to implement a 5% voltage reduction. This is within the acceptable voltage range for most appliances and equipment, but some voltage sensitive equipment may be affected, and these customers should plan accordingly.

If the regional system is still in a state of emergency after the above steps have been taken, ISO-NE may mandate load shedding and rolling blackouts to protect the regional grid.

If ISO-NE implements any of the above steps, RMLD will post a message on our website and Twitter, as well as send an email to RMLD customers whose email addresses are on file.

Click HERE for cooling center locations.

Tips to Conserve:

  • Turn off unnecessary lights and electronics.
  • Delay using appliances such as washers, dryers, dishwashers, & humidifiers and dehumidifiers until after the predicted peak window.
  • If you are running air conditioning, raise the temperature setting by a few degrees (from 70 to 74, for example).
  • Delay running pool pumps until after the predicted peak window.

(NOTE: The above announcement is from RMLD.)

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