Wilmington Little League’s Latest Game Summaries

WILMINGTON, MA — Below are a couple of recent Wilmington Little League game summaries:

AAA: Pirates at Astros on Tuesday, June 18 at Boutwell Field (Finals Game #1)

The Pirates were able to take Game 1 of the best two-out-of-three AAA finals vs. the Astros last night by the score of 21 to 9. As always, it was a full team effort. Evan Walsh pitched 5 strong innings and was on base 4 times. Spencer Walker contributed 3 key singles and played stellar defense at both catcher and second base. Max Snapausky reached base all four times that he got up with 3 walks and a single. Aiden Harris delivered a clutch run-scoring double and stole home plate. Joe Mytych continued his all-star season with two hits and two walks. Jackson Cipolle walked twice and singled. Adam Ientile reached base all four times that he was up. Mickey Moroney had a key double and walked. Jacoby Tibbetts reached base once and played solid outfield defense. Max Glazer shined behind the plate as usual. Danny Fogg walked and played good outfield defense once again. Mark Cataldo singled and walked and made a nice catch at shortstop. Lastly, Dylan Mainini walked twice and singled. The Astros didn’t go without a fight however. The offense made contact against a strong Pirates’ pitching staff, led by Joey Fennelly who doubled and singled and Dylan Costantiello who ripped two singles. John Roofe and Jake Gryglik doubled as well while Connor Jamieson, Patrick Moriarty, Kevin Pruslin, and Tony Cummings also contributed clutch singles throughout the game. The Astros again showed plate discipline as Cael Considine was one of several drawing walks. Kyle Price, Aidan Raposa, and Owen Wills hit the ball hard only to fall victim to the Pirates’ strong defense. On the mound, Gryglik struck out three in two-plus innings, Wills fanned two in his inning, and Andrew Santo, Roofe, Jamieson, and Cummings struck out one each. Considine made a great play on the mound when he pitched helping end an inning in relief and Moriarty was efficient in his stint. The Astros defense was busy in the field as Fennelly, Considine, Roofe, Santo, Jamieson, Moriarty, Gryglik, Price, Wills, Pruslin, and Cummings all made solid plays. Moriarty and Fennelly each did a great job behind the plate.

AAA: Astros at Pirates on Wednesday, June 19 at Boutwell Field (Finals Game #2)

The Pirates and Astros, who have been atop the standings all year long, engaged in another hard-fought game, with the Pirates overcoming an 8-0 deficit to take the AAA championship.

The Astros got off to a torrid start and gave the Pirates all they could handle throughout the game. In keeping with every game this season, every single Astro player made multiple contributions during the game. In fact, every single Astro batter had at least one hit in this game – a tribute to their consistency throughout the lineup. Tony Cummings, Joey Fennelly, Cael Considine, Andrew Santo, Jake Gryglik, Kyle Price, Owen Wills, and Kevin Pruslin all had singles in the first inning while Patrick Moriarty added a walk, leading to eight runs right out of the gate. Cummings had three hits on the day while John Roofe and Moriarty each had a single and double to lead the way. Fennelly and Santo wound up with two hits each while Dylan Costantiello, Connor Jamieson, and Aidan Raposa each added additional singles later in the game. Raposa’s was a perfectly-placed bunt that the defense couldn’t get to in time. Santo and Cummings each struck out two in two innings and made two plays in the field to help their own causes. Fennelly struck out one and also made two plays on the mound in the fifth inning. Considine, Roofe, Moriarty, Jamieson, Gryglik, Pruslin, and Raposa were among those busy making plays in the field. Fennelly and Moriarty again did an outstanding job behind the plate.

As it has been all season, the Pirates’ victory was also a total team effort. Mark Cataldo pitched two and a half strong innings and then was relieved by Joe Mytych who steadied the Pirates by throwing nothing but strikes in his three innings of work. Spencer Walker came in with the Astros having the bases loaded in the top of the sixth inning to shut the door on their comeback attempt. Each boy showed tremendous poise under such intense game pressure. Dylan Mainini made the defensive play of the game as he robbed the Astros of a bases-clearing hit as he snared a line drive out to left field and then doubled up the runner on third base. He chipped in with a clutch double in the late innings. Danny Fogg got on base two times and scored both times to contribute to the effort. Max Glazer was his usual steady self behind the plate catching, got on base two times, and scored twice. Jacoby Tibbetts, who really came on towards the end of the season, contributed by getting on base twice and scoring once. Spencer Walker, not only closed out the game with great pitching, but also made a key defensive play as pitcher and as a second baseman; he also scored a key run in the bottom of the 4th inning. Mark Cataldo chipped in on the offensive effort as well by getting on base twice, stealing a base, and scoring once. Mickey Moroney played solid at first base and outfield as well as knocked in a few runs in the pivotal first-inning rally for the Pirates. Adam Ientile had a key two-out, two-run scoring single in the bottom of the 4th inning. Joe Mytych not only pitched great but, as usual, also contributed to the Pirates’ offense by getting two key hits. Aiden Harris knocked in a few runs, stole a few bases, scored a few runs, and played his usual solid defense in the field. Evan Walsh, the star pitcher from the previous game vs. the Astros, reached base three times and scored two runs. Last but not least, Max Snapausky caught two solid innings, got on base three times, and scored two important runs for the team. Jackson Cipolle, who was not at this game, was a key contributor to the Pirates all year long.

The Astros showed tremendous class, applauding each Pirate as they deservedly received their trophy and the Pirates offer their congratulations to the Astros on a great season!

Wilmington Little League

(NOTE: Summaries provided by the Wilmington Little League.)

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