WASHINGTON TO WILMINGTON: Congressman Moulton, Senator Markey Make Statements On Escalation With Iran

WILMINGTON, MA — Congressman Seth Moulton (D-Massachusetts) and Senator Ed Markey (D-Massachusetts) recently released statements after President Trump ordered a retaliatory strike on Iran and then cancelled it.

Congressman Seth Moulton:

“As a Marine veteran, I know that action should be strong, decisive, and controlled. The goal is de-escalation, to make it clear Iran’s strike will not be tolerated but that we also do not invite a war. A strong president’s actions would be unmistakable and unequivocal. You’ll recall a news story last week about US malware in the Russian electrical grid. I’d respond to Iran by turning off the power in the grid in the southern part of the country where the Iranian missile system is based. You’d hear news of rolling blackouts in Iran; so would China, Russia, North Korea and others who are watching. Unfortunately, we have a weak and indecisive Commander-in-Chief with no strategy, and while some in our country may not believe that, our adversaries know it.”

Senator Ed Markey:

“Pushed by warmonger John Bolton and Secretary Pompeo, President Trump has abandoned a functioning Iran deal, imposed unnecessary sanctions, re-deployed thousands of U.S. troops to the Middle East, threatened the ‘official end of Iran’, and nearly executed an unconstitutional, over-reactive military strike early this morning. Calling off these strikes was the right outcome, but America is only in this situation with Iran because President Trump and his war cabinet have no strategy for dealing with the real threats Tehran poses to American interests

Trump’s actions have empowered Iran, riled oil markets, and made the Middle East more volatile than ever. Iran is restarting its nuclear program that had been halted under the nuclear deal, and its regional meddling is worse than ever. These are real threats that must be addressed.

Strategy, not strikes is the only way we will build real security in the Middle East. Diplomacy instead of destruction is how we avoid yet another regional conflict that wastes American blood and treasure. Congress needs answers regarding the legal reasoning behind this action because the American people have a right to know why the President nearly started yet another potentially disastrous Mideast war. And I urge Leader McConnell to bring to a vote next week the amendment that requires Congressional approval of any funding for a conflict in Iran.”

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