Wilmington Little League’s Latest Game Summaries

WILMINGTON, MA — Below is a recent Wilmington Little League game summary:

Single A Jamboree on Saturday, June 15, 2019 at Rotary Park 

The 2019 Single-A jamboree highlighted just how bright a future Wilmington Little League has. The Pirates/Giants/Braves/Rays team took on the Cardinals/Astros team in a slugfest. Tommy Roofe (Rays) and Grady Considine (Giants) led the Pirates/Giants/Braves/Rays offense with a double and a single each while Michael Trimarchi (Braves), Cam White (Rays), Sean Theodos (Pirates), Zach Maiella (Pirates), Bradley Stephen (Pirates), Matt Roque (Giants), Gabe Cummings (Giants), and Michael Crowley (Rays) all added a single or two as well. Maiella and Crowley each did a great job catching behind the plate. The Cards/Astros team was led by the Astros’ Andrew Poyant who blasted two doubles. Brady & Jake Beldekas (Cardinals), Lucas Madden (Astros), Noah Drane (Astros), David Collins (Astros), C.J. Morad (Astros), Abram Tavares (Astros), Liam Callahan (Cardinals), and Drew Drozdowski (Cardinals) all made solid contact, with the majority of at bats resulting in singles as well. Morad and Drozdowski manned home plate as catchers for their team. It was so impressive to see the aggressive swings, outstanding fielding, and strong throwing by both teams. Managers Chris Roofe (Rays), Bart Zaino (Pirates), Eric Salvador (Giants), Demetri Beldekas (Cardinals), Cheryl Murphy (Braves), and Steve Morad (Astros), along with their coaches, deserve tremendous credit for developing so many players who are ready for the next step in 2020! Wilmington Little League offers their sincere thanks to all coaches, players, and parents for such a successful season.

Wilmington Little League

(NOTE: Summaries provided by the Wilmington Little League.)

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