Wilmington Little League’s Latest Game Summaries

WILMINGTON, MA — Below are a couple of recent Wilmington Little League game summaries:

Single A: Giants vs. Rays on Wednesday, May 29 

The Rays vs. Giants game saw a lot of action.  On the Rays side Alex Sullivan, Cameron White, and Michael Crowley had some impressive hits. On the defensive side Jackson Childs and Chris Gattineri made great plays at first and third base. Benji Hebert and Ryan Doherty showed great improvement behind the plate catching and Tommy Roofe brought the heat from the pitchers mound.  The Giants lineup had solid performances from top to bottom. Grady Considine, Kayan Fernandes Amancio, Matt Roque, and Jack Salvador combined for two shutout innings of pitching while Nick Cummings and Joe Lane showed off some nifty defense skills. Key hits by Gabe Cummings, Henry Borgen and Mason Carr helped the Giants offense as well.

AAA: Rays vs. Astros on Thursday, May 30 at Rotary Park

For the third time this season, the Rays and Astros played a close game that came down to the wire.  The Astros pitchers held the Rays in check early but a late rally turned the game into another classic.  Kyle Spencer and Henry Almeda started the rally with keen batting eyes, drawing walks and getting on base for clutch hits by Nicholas Ryan and Andrew LaRossee.  Heads up baserunning by Evan McLean and Chase Levesque was critical as well.  Levesque did a solid job as the starter and then Henry Santini helped himself on the mound with several great plays.  Tommy MacGilvary drew a walk earlier in the game becoming the Rays’ first baserunner and Matthew Norton played excellent defense at first base to slow the Astros’ attack.  John Roofe again led the way for the Astros on offense with a double and triple.  Joey Fennelly tripled himself two batters before Roofe and continued home with aggressive baserunning.  Connor Jamieson, Jake Gryglik, Owen Wills, Dylan Costantiello, Tony Cummings, and Andrew Santo had hits as well.  Several Astros players including Wills, Kevin Pruslin, Fennelly, and Cael Considine hit the ball hard into fielder’s choices, advancing runners and keeping things moving on the bases.  Multiple players displayed patience at the plate as Kyle Price led the way earning two walks.  Gryglik continued his pitching mastery striking out seven over three innings, throwing just forty pitches.  Cummings struck out two in two very efficient innings as well.  Roofe and Fennelly finished off the last inning as Fennelly made two plays at the mound helping his own cause.  Fennelly made two other terrific plays in the field highlighting the team’s fantastic defensive effort.  Earlier in the game, Roofe caught a long fly ball in left field before unleashing a rocket on the fly to Santo at first base who leapt to catch it and then tagged the runner out for a double play.  Jamieson and Aidan Raposa were both busy at second base and Costantiello had a nice unassisted putout at first base.  Gryglik had the game-ending putout there as well.  These teams gave fans their money’s worth, as they have every time they’ve met this season.

Wilmington Little League

(NOTE: Summaries provided by the Wilmington Little League.)

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