Superintendent Brand Receives Positive Evaluation From School Committee

WILMINGTON, MA — The Wilmington School Committee recently conducted its annual evaluation of Superintendent Glenn Brand, who is about to complete his first year at the helm of the school district. Each school committee member filled out a separate evaluation form, then a subcommittee compiled all seven documents and created an evaluation representative of the entire committee.

At the School Committee’s most recent meeting, Chair Julie Broussard read the committee’s evaluation into the record, which be found HERE.

Brand received the second highest rating (PROFICIENT) in all four evaluation standards — Instructional Leadership, Management & Operations, Family & Community Engagement, and Professional Culture. His overall summative performance was also rated as PROFICIENT.

“Superintendent Brand has quickly become a respected leader and has brought much needed stability to the district,” said Broussard. “While only in his tenth month as the Superintendent, Dr. Brand has prepared and presented a thorough entry plan, has supervised the Coordinated Review Corrective Action Plan, and spearheaded the districtwide Strategic Planning Committee. The entry plan demonstrated Dr. Brand’s high level of understanding of the community in such a short time.”

“Since beginning his role as superintendent in July, Dr. Brand has worked tirelessly to build strong relationships with all faculty, students, families, school committee and community members,” continued Broussard. “His attention to detail is impressive and his ability to manage many short and long-term projects simultaneously should be commended. Dr. Brand’s judgement and experience have enabled him to make good decisions about where to prioritize his time and attention. He has acted swiftly and deliberately in areas where he perceived a need to start work immediately, such as reviewing the middle school program of studies and addressing the structure of the Office of Student Support Services. It is clear that Dr. Brand has made a positive impact on our district and we are enthusiastic about the continued development of the strategic plan. We are confident that this plan will guide our continued success and progress under Dr. Brand’s leadership.”

The School Committee found that Brand MET two of his three performance goals, and MADE SIGNIFICANT PROGRESS on a third. Brand (1) completed his Superintendent’s Evaluation Plan and (2) addressed the issues surrounding the district’s Coordinated Program Review Coordinated Action Plan. Brand (3) has made significant process with the district’s new Strategic Plan, with a draft plan expected to be presented to the School Committee for approval by the end of the school year.

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