A VOTER’S GUIDE To Selectman Candidate Kevin MacDonald

WILMINGTON, MA — Kevin MacDonald is one of the three candidates competing for the one 1-year Selectman seat in this Saturday’s Town Election.

Below is MacDonald’s Closing Argument; the full video of the WCTV debate he participated in; some letters to the editor he has submitted; and more.

Closing Argument

Dear Editor,

As a candidate for the Wilmington Board of Selectmen, I would like to share my vision for enhancing and protecting the health and safety of the Wilmington people. One of the primary responsibilities that is conveyed upon an elected leader is the protection of the community that he is elected to serve. It is important to recognize threats and learn from the lessons that others have learned the hard way.

Recent tragic events in Lawrence, Andover, and North Andover have caused me to consider ways to safe guard our community. As you know, Wilmington is a town that is serviced by natural gas. I am pledging to review the safety management and over site of this gas system. I believe it would be prudent for the Board of Selectmen to have a public hearing regarding this matter. I believe experts should be brought in to discuss what went wrong in the above communities and what we can do to enhance safety and prevent a tragedy.

I propose that a plan to educate our resident’s on gas pressure safety valves be implemented. I would also like there to be an evaluation of existing valves and safety systems. We ought to also consider other means of protection such as a back-up or redundant valve system to prevent over pressurization in the event of valve failure.

I propose that our public safety officials, DPW workers, and public building officials and staff be provided with enhanced training that improves their knowledge of the gas system and its safe operation. We should not be relying on one or two officials when it comes to gas safety. I further propose that there be a safety book in all our public safety vehicles that shows all shut off valve locations as well as gas main and service location routes. This combined with the knowledge of how to properly shut down a main when there is a problem will contribute to enhancing public safety.

A Selectman must have the community’s best interest at heart. There must be awareness that a large gas main runs beside our recreation facilities and other mains that are very close to our residents. I am committed to offering positive input that enhances Wilmington’s public health and safety. The community needs Selectmen who facilitate awareness programs and are committed to providing our community with a fully trained team who are champions for safety.


Kevin MacDonald

Candidate for the Board of Selectmen

On The Issues (Q&A’s with Wilmington Apple)

Mr. MacDonald chose not to participate.

(Editor’s Note: The above questions were submitted by readers. Each candidate was given the same amount of time each week to answer. These answers were previously published on Wilmington Apple over the past two months.)

Letters To The Editor/Endorsements

Watch The Debate

Candidate Conversation with WCTV

  • Mr. MacDonald chose not to participate.

Wilmington Town Crier Candidate Profile

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Campaign Announcement/Other

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Candidate’s Website & Social Media

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