LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Shawsheen Tech School Committee’s Robert Peterson Sr. Endorses O’Mahony For Selectwoman

Dear Editor,

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter in support of Jomarie O’Mahony’s candidacy for the Board of Selectmen.

When determining who to cast a vote for in any election, it is common to gravitate to a candidate because of their stance on a specific issue or issues. However, issues come and go and the problems of today will not necessarily be what our government officials are dealing with a year from now. Thus, we must not forget that it is equally important to understand how a candidate formed their opinion(s) and what led them taking the stance(s) they have. In order to best represent their constituency, a Selectman must take a pragmatic approach to all decisions and allow her/his electorate to understand how and why they arrived at any given conclusion. I am confident that Jomarie O’Mahony embodies this pragmatic approach, and she will strive to ensure that the citizens of Wilmington understand where she stands on the issue(s) and how she arrived there.

Jomarie will approach her role as Selectman as she does all other things in her life, with thoughtful reflection, dutiful research and an understanding of the impact of her actions. She will dissect the issues brought before her, and through her vetting of those issues she will ensure that she has a firm grasp on how they will affect the Wilmington community. Jomarie will make the tough decisions and put the best interest of Wilmington first, and she’ll do with resolute conviction and only after painstaking analysis.

Jomarie has a demonstrated track record of devotion to the Town of Wilmington and its residents. Her charitable endeavors are too lengthy to mention, and she wouldn’t want me to politicize them anyhow. However, should you want some background on what she has done for Wilmington, just ask your fellow residents and I guarantee they will be able to name a few ways she has helped to make Wilmington a great place to live.

Wilmington is a better place because Jomarie O’Mahony calls it home, and the Board of Selectmen will be better if we can call her a Selectman (and/or Selectwoman).


Bob Peterson
(Robert G. Peterson, Sr.)

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