LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Finance Committee Member Marianne Gallezzo Endorses Bendel & Caira For Selectmen

Dear Editor,

One of the hallmarks of America’s true greatness has been our history of free and fair elections. Even if we have completely opposite views on issues, we know that we can express our ideas to each other publicly and safely. This allows us all to be heard and to be informed citizens, and it also allows democracy to function.

Wilmington has been blessed for many years with wonderful volunteer leaders on our Board of Selectmen. Their selfless service, vision and ability to make important decisions for our community have now put Wilmington in an envious financial situation, with over $23 Million in certified cash reserves, $10 Million in our stabilization fund to be used for future municipal projects and a clear vision for the future of Wilmington. Sadly, Wilmington has recently made the news for the wrong reasons. My hope is that this election will set us on a path of optimism and progress instead of one of character assassinations and conspiracy theories.

Some writers to the local paper and on social media have criticized the selectmen for their performance regarding certain issues. These writers would be taken more seriously if it were not for their obvious and very narrow agendas. Their support for certain political candidates would be more compelling if it weren’t based on special interest. As a finance committee member and a resident of this community, it is very concerning that over the past three months, not one of the opposing candidates running for office has attended a single budget hearing or the joint public hearing for Planning Board and Finance Committee. The only candidates who attended any of the finance committee hearings were Kevin Caira and Greg Bendel, both of whom attended several of these meetings. With an annual budget of over $119 million dollars, it is imperative that our Selectmen have a firm grasp on all facets of government, not just on one or two hot button issues. The Selectmen of this town need to be well informed and pay attention to all issues regarding the town, not just about ones that capture the headlines, or are the subject of social media frenzies. Selectmen need to represent the entire town all the time, not just when the WCTV cameras are rolling.

Kevin Caira and Greg Bendel are highly qualified and men of integrity who will continue to work hard for our whole community. We have a wonderful community but, like most we have issues that need the best efforts of our selectmen and I have no doubt that Kevin and Greg are the ones that should continue to lead us in the right direction. Please vote with me on April 27, 2019 to re-elect Greg Bendel and Kevin Caira to the Board of Selectmen.


Marianne Gallezzo

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