LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Wilmington Good Guy, Former Selectman Scott Garrant Endorses Bendel For Selectman

Dear Editor,

It is with great pleasure that I am supporting Greg Bendel for reelection to the Board of Selectmen of the Town of Wilmington.

Greg brings to the Board the traits that I believe should be sought when considering who we hope will serve – integrity, intelligence, respect for others and a passion for Wilmington. Greg brought each of these to his first term on the Board three years ago. During his first term, he has exhibited not only intelligence, but integrity in his decision making and his uncompromising passion for the Town. While those who represent us do not always make decisions with which we agree, we can only ask that they make decisions that they believe are in the best interest of the Town as a whole. It is easy for elected officials to stand behind an issue when they believe it will garner votes in the next election. Greg always listens, always carefully evaluates the information presented to him and always chooses to do what he believes is best for the community, without an eye towards the next ballot.

Greg has brought the same level of dedication to his position on the Board as he has brought to being an educator, a high school coach, a husband and a father. When issues arise, he takes the time to speak with the people involved, to visit affected locations and to carefully and thoughtfully evaluate options. He is always available to listen to those who wish to provide input.

In his interaction with others, both during and away from meetings, Greg is approachable, professional, courteous and civil, even in the course of sometimes heated debates. We are fortunate that an individual of Greg’s character and ability is willing to serve. His continued service to the community will be of benefit to all us.

Scott Garrant


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