LETTER TO THE EDITOR: State Rep. Dave Robertson Endorses Jomarie O’Mahony For Selectwoman

Dear Wilmington residents,

For those in Wilmington who don’t yet know Jomarie O’Mahony, I can only tell you that you’re missing out. I have had the pleasure of knowing Jomarie for five years, and each and every one of them was an absolute pleasure be it a professional or social encounter. One of the most famous “Good Guys” in town, Jomarie is well known for her leadership, organization, but above all, positivism. She has clarity, vision, and planning that go far beyond the ordinary, which is why I encourage all to consider and vote for Jomarie as Wilmington’s next Board of Selectman.

I could touch on the fact as a busy mother Jomarie still found the time to help organize the largest charity in town. I could also touch on the fact that she’s personally dedicated hundreds of hours a year to volunteering, all while working full time as an attorney for children in the foster care system. But what I really want to point out is that despite hugely impacting our community by helping organize events like the Festival of Trees, Jomarie strives to do more; and for all the right reasons.

Wilmington has an abundance of qualified people this year, each with their own idea of Wilmington’s future. Topics like working to develop senior housing, filling in commercial space, and continuing Wilmington’s education excellence are all planned, and are high on Jomarie’s list of things to do. The beauty of electing her is that she has decades of experience with navigating state and local bureaucracy as a public and private attorney, organizing and coordinating budgets, and handling large scale events and issues. She is experienced, seasoned, passionate, and capable. Jomarie has proven for years that she loves our town, and done so with a smile. Again, I urge all residents consider Jomarie this April.


Representative David Robertson

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