LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Bendel & Caira Are Trustworthy & Keep Their Campaign Promises

Dear Editor,

It’s essential when we vote that we vote for someone we trust, so I’ll be casting votes for Greg Bendel and Kevin Caira for selectmen on April 27th. Over the past three years we have witnessed that they have kept their campaign promises by listening, representing, being present, and conducting themselves in an honorable and civil manner on behalf of the residents of Wilmington. The commitment to the Board of Selectmen is far more than most realize and it has been admirable to watch them both balance their personal commitments and all of the commitments that being a selectman entails, especially beyond the board meetings.

In addition to their recent tenure on the Board of Selectmen, they both have an impressive record of volunteering throughout our community and at the foundation of some of the most important non profits in our community including, but not limited to the Rotary Club, Knights of Columbus, Sons of Italy, Local Heroes, Brady’s Foundation, Relay for Life, Wilmington HS Sports Alumni, Shawsheen Alumni, and much more.

I am confident, as a lifelong Wilmington resident, marketing executive for a Fortune 50 company, and fellow volunteer across several organizations including Relay For Life of Wilmington (11 years – founder & leader), Brady’s Foundation (2 years – volunteer), We’re One Wilmington (5 years – former board member and VP), WHS track & field (5 years – former assistant coach), and others, that entrusting both Greg and Kevin for another three years is the right move for Wilmington residents.

So don’t forget to vote for both Greg and Kevin – I know they are the candidates that will be checked on my ballot on April 27th.


Joe Martiniello

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3 thoughts

  1. With 40B looming and the Detox center mess and these clowns playing the fiddle while Rome burns why would anyone want to continue down the path we are on?

    We need new blood, not a perpetuation of the same ideas that got us in the problems we are in today.

  2. Who is this person of mystery? BTW Robert your articles should have names with every article and a way that you decide to verify the submitters. I’m not looking up these different achievements to whittle it down and done really care since they have every right to put their two cents of free speech in.

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