LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Fasulo & Sullivan Will Control Growth, Best Suited To Fight Olin

Dear Editor,

It is with extreme honor and without any hesitation that I write to endorse Rob Fasulo and Sue Sullivan for Selectman of Wilmington.

Following two tours in Iraq and honorable discharge from the US Army, my wife and I were looking for a home where we could set down roots.  My wife enjoyed the conveniences of the city while I preferred the quiet of the country. After much research we found our happy medium and perfect town, Wilmington.  Seven years and two children later we know we made the right choice.

Soon after moving to town my wife called Rob Fasulo to ask a simple question about her new-found bee keeping hobby.  Rob not only offered advice, he came to the house to lend a hand. Two things we learned about8 Rob- He has a deep appreciation and respect for veterans, and he takes great pride in the town of Wilmington. Not only has he grown up here, he is also raising his three children here. He volunteers his time to attend town meetings and pushes for change when he believes the citizens are not being fairly represented.

April 27th will be a historical day in our town.  Three of the board seats are open and who gets elected will determine the future of our town.  Although we love Wilmington my wife and I share some concerns.

The first is growth, just from my front lawn I can see three new homes that went up in the past year.  And it seems construction is everywhere.  I am also hearing of multiple condo units going up in the next few years.  While I love that our town is expanding for more families to enjoy I worry that this growth maybe happening too fast and without a plan.  How will be accommodate our police department? Fire department? Our schools? When my wife signed my son up for kindergarten last month, she overheard the school was close to capacity with only 11 slots left (and more registration days ahead).  Also, Wilmington high school went from being able to serve 1020 children to 960. Knowing the town is growing in population why in the world are we building smaller schools? Rob Fasulo is for responsible growth and wants to work with the town on a realistic plan to aid public services in how to navigate the town’s ever-increasing population.

Our second concern is the Olin site.  After moving to town, we began hearing rumblings about this site and the dangers to resident’s health.  Looking further we began reading about Sue Sullivan.  A mom who felt SO passionately about the health of our town’s children she spearheaded a movement to get the site tested and is still working hard to get the site cleaned.  My wife and I did a bit of research into Olin and what we uncovered is down right SCARY. As a town this is not a “pretty” topic to discuss-but this NEEDS to be something the town recognizes and deal with. As of last week we heard the Olin site will be entered into the Administrator’s Emphasis List for Superfund sites for “immediate intense action”.  This is a VERY significant turn of events and I feel it is imperative and in the best interest of the town to have Sue Sullivan on the board of selectman.  There is no one more knowledgeable about this site and its dangers to our town’s people than Sue and I know without a doubt she will fight to get the site clean. 2019 marks the 20thyear since the Olin site’s cancer study and we still do not have answers. In order for our town’s true interest to be protected Rob Fasulo and Sue Sullivan need to be elected.

Wilmington is a fantastic town but we still have a number of issues that need resolve.  I firmly believe that Sue Sullivan and Rob Faluso will do the job! Rob and Sue come from opposite sides of the political spectrum but have come together threw their passion to make Wilmington the best it can be. I know without a doubt they will work tirelessly to represent our town keeping in mind our elderly, veterans, children, families and public service workers.

I ask you to consider both Sue Sullivan and Rob Fasulo when casting your votes April 27th.


Zachary Kysar

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