Shawsheen Tech Students Earn 70 Medals At SkillsUSA Competition (with PHOTOS)

BILLERICA, MA — On Thursday, March 14, 2019  Shawsheen Tech sent 189 students to compete at the SkillsUSA District Competition at Greater Lowell Regional Technical High School.

The students competed against schools in their technical areas, challenging their knowledge, in hopes of qualifying for State Competition held this April.

Shawsheen students took a written assessment in their technical/trade, an additional test for employability and SkillsUSA Knowledge, as well as an OSHA test in safety.

At the end of the day, Shawsheen brought home a total of 70 medals. 

Gold Medal Winners:

  • Brooke MacInnes, Grade 12, Billerica, Architectural Drafting
  • Amaan Shaikh, Grade 12, Billerica, Automated Manual Technician – Drafter
  • Corrina Jarzynka, Grade 12, Billerica, Culinary Arts
  • Elaina Cobb, Grade 12, Billerica, Health Knowledge Bowl
  • Skylar McGarry, Grade 12, Billerica, Medical Assisting
  • Caitlyn Tsoukalas, Grade 12, Billerica, Medical Math
  • Fancis O’Connor, Grade  10, Billerica, Power Equipment Technician
  • Mohammadali Khalifa, Grade 10, Billerica, Robotics & Automation Technician
  • Joshua Cabral, Grade 11, Billerica, Team Works – Electrician
  • Troy Tamis, Grade 12, Billerica, Team Works – Plumber
  • Grace Clark, Grade 11, Bedford, State Officer Candidate
  • Ashley Pergamo, Grade 12, Burlington, Automotive Refinishing Technology
  • Cameron Hudson, Grade 12, Burlington, Mechatronics
  • Thomas Vincent, Grade  12, Burlington, Mobile Robotic Technology
  • Jasin Hensley, Grade 10, Burlington, Robotics & Automation Technician
  • Madison Shipka, Grade 12, Burlington, Urban Search & Rescue
  • Jason Elias, Grade 11, Tewksbury, Automated Manual Technician -Machinist
  • Kevin Realejo, Grade 11, Tewksbury, Automated Manual Technician -Machinist
  • Jodi Bagrowski, Grade 11, Tewksbury, Esthetics
  • Sarah Molander, Grade 11, Tewksbury, Graphic Communications
  • Leah Veloz, Grade 11, Tewksbury, Health Knowledge Bowl
  • Allyson Haley, Grade 11, Tewksbury, Health Knowledge Bowl
  • Michael Reppucci, Grade 12, Tewksbury, Industrial Motor Control
  • Brooke Gerry, Grade 11, Tewksbury, Masonry
  • John Nowell IV, Grade 12, Tewksbury, Mechatronics
  • Dylan Melanson, Grade 12, Tewksbury, Plumbing
  • Zachary Kelly, Grade 11, Tewksbury, Team Works – Carpenter
  • James MacKenzie, Grade 12, Tewksbury, Team Works – Mason
  • Annalea Martins, Grade  11, Wilmington, Basic Health Care Skills
  • Zachary Dancewicz, Grade 12, Wilmington, Carpentry
  • Nathan Helmar, Grade 12, Wilmington, Diesel Equipment Technician
  • Juila Messina, Grade 11, Wilmington, Graphic Imaging Sublimation
  • Olivia Sanchez, Grade 10, Wilmington, Health Knowledge Bowl
  • Andrew Miller, Grade 12, Wilmington, Mobile Robotic Technology
  • Celina Barczak, Grade 11, Wilmington, Nursing Assisting
  • Amanda Howell, Grade 10, Wilmington, Technical Drafting
  • James Ward, Grade 12, Wilmington, Urban Search & Rescue

Silver Medals Winners:

  • Connor Rich, Grade 11, Billerica, Architectural Drafting
  • Emily Morris, Grade 12, Billerica, Dental Assistant
  • Daniel Matarazzo, Grade 12, Billerica, Diesel Equipment Technician
  • Cassidy Bulmer, Grade 12, Billerica, Health Knowledge Bowl
  • Brayden Taylor, Grade 11, Billerica, Mobile Robotic Technology
  • Matthew Canadas, Grade 11, Billerica, Mobile Robotic Technology
  • Mackenzie Cassidy, Grade 12, Billerica, Nursing Assisting
  • Shaunna Ford, Grade 12, Billerica, Screen Print Technology
  • Taylor Sacco, Grade 11, Bedford, Health Knowledge Bowl
  • Antavious Nordquist, Grade 10, Bedford, Technical Drafting
  • Christina Paras, Grade 11, Burlington, Graphic Imaging Sublimation
  • Jenna Hensley, Grade 11, Burlington, Health Knowledge Bowl
  • James Sweeney, Grade 11, Burlington, Plumbing
  • Anthony Prezioso, Grade 10, Tewksbury, Carpentry
  • Rachel Conway, Grade 12, Tewksbury, Masonry
  • Michael Rosa, Grade 11, Tewksbury, Team Works – Carpenter
  • David Williams III, Grade 11, Tewksbury, Team Works – Electrician
  • Brendan Gray, Grade 11, Tewksbury, Team Works – T2 Plumber
  • Cole Privetera, Grade 11, Tewksbury, Health Knowledge Bowl
  • Madison Musto, Grade 12, Wilmington, Team Works – Mason
  • Jessica Stevens, Grade 11, Wilmington, Technical Computer Applications

Bronze Medal Winners:

  • Taylor Thurell, Grade 12, Billerica, Basic Health Care Skills
  • Zachary Langlois, Grade 11, Billerica, Carpentry
  • Samantha Collins, Grade 12, Billerica, Health Knowledge Bowl
  • Brooke Amato, Grade 12, Billerica, Health Knowledge Bowl
  • Shawn Powderly, Grade 12, Billerica, Plumbing
  • Michael Cremens, Grade 11, Billerica, Sheet Metal
  • Veronika Bazzinotti, Grade 12, Tewksbury, Dental Assistant
  • Cameron Loder, Grade 10, Tewksbury, Diesel Equipment Technician
  • Alexa Krogstie, Grade 11, Tewksbury, Health Knowledge Bowl
  • Madison Gray, Grade 12, Tewksbury, Health Knowledge Bowl
  • Taryn King, Grade 12, Wilmington, Graphic Communications
  • Amanda Ramsdell, Grade 11, Wilmington, Masonry

Gold and silver medal winners have earned their ticket to the annual State Leadership & Skills Conference.

At that Conference, more than 2,500 students will compete in 86 occupational and leadership skill areas. Shawsheen students will compete in the practical skills portion of each contest to become a Gold medalist from Massachusetts, earning the opportunity to join more than 6,000 students to compete in the annual national-level SkillsUSA Championships.


Sweeping in Carpentry: Tewksbury sophomore Anthony Preziso (silver), Wilmington senior Zachary Dancewicz (gold), & Billerica junior Zachary Langlois (bronze)
Culinary Arts_Corrina Jarzynka_Gold
Winning the gold medal in culinary arts was Billerica senior Corrina Jarzynka
Health Knowledge Bowl_Gold
Taking gold in the Health Knowledge Bowl were Tewksbury junior Leah Veloz, Wilmington sophomore Olivia Sanchez, Billerica senior Elaina Cobb, and Tewksbury junior Allyson Haley. Elaina and Leah are hoping to lead another team to nationals this year.
Sweeping the Masonry contest: Tewksbury senior Rachel Conway (silver), Tewksbury junior Brooke Gerry (gold), & Wilmington junior Amanda Ramsdell (bronze)
Sweeping in the Plumbing contest: Burlington junior James Sweeney (silver), Tewksbury senior Dylan Melanson (gold), and Billerica senior Shawn Powderly (bronze)
Screen Printing Shaunna Ford-Silver
Winning the silver medals in screening was Billerica senior Shaunna Ford. Shaunna is hoping for another chance to attend the National Conference and better her 4th place standing in the nation.
Team Works_gold
Winning gold in Team Works: Back — Tewksbury senior James MacKenzie, Left to Right: Tewksbury junior Zachary Kelley, Billerica senior Troy Tamis, & Billerica junior Joshua Cabral
Technical Drafting
Bring home medals in Technical Drafting were Wilmington sophomore Amanda Howell (gold) and Bedford sophomore Antavious Nordquist (silver)

(NOTE: The above press release is from the Shawsheen Tech.)

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