LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Resident Backs Bendel For Selectmen, Praises His Efforts To Fix Unaccepted Ways

Dear Editor,

My name is Bob Bryant. I have lived in Wilmington going on 29 years. I reside at 7 Dartmouth Ave aka Dartmouth River. I call it that because when it rains or we have heavy snow melt it runs down the street through my yard.

I have complained to many in town management to no avail. I keep hearing that unaccepted streets can not be repaired with public dollars according to state laws. I have real issues with that. I believe any taxpayers who pay property taxes their/our properties should all be treated equally. We all pay the same tax rate.

Well, for the first time in my 29 years here, I heard a Selectman — Selectman Greg Bendel — say we really need to do something about these streets. The fact that there are unaccepted streets in Wilmington and other towns in 2019, THAT is unacceptable.

There are other towns around that are doing the same thing that Greg is suggesting Wilmington do — fix these streets!

Our selectmen are supposed to represent the town’s residents — all of us or at least a good majority. They should not pick a small group and go with it which seems to happen a lot lately. The fact that Greg is trying to get things started is HUGE!

Wilmington has 31 miles of unaccepted streets and, in my opinion, for Greg to bring this up is more representative of a larger group of residents who lose value of their homes and property due to water in their homes and conditions of their streets.

I really hope Greg is re-elected to continue this project since he is the first in a long list of Selectmen to bring this to light!

Thank you,
Bob Bryant, Deb Bryant and Rob Bryant

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